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    1. whats the name of the spoon you used in turning the whole mixture pls

    2. Still waiting for the ingredients

    3. ah ah i'm gonna try it na.

    4. first of all , i am an beginning cooking. So far i try that and gave myself a 7.5/’s too much pepper and was stiff. my mom said it’s your first time so I shouldn’t feel bad. i love your videos and i’m a new subscribe your channel❤️

    5. I love your page I married my Nigerian king in 2020 and I feel so self conscious sometimes because his culture is not big on fast meals or takeout and I can cook but the meals I make are really simple and Nigerian food can be very intimidating because it’s so many steps but your videos make it easy… I just made this pasta with chicken and shrimp and it’s a serious WIN WIN

    6. I love how you talk

    7. I am here in Nigeria I need to make this for my hubby, he is not a fan of onion cut so big and certain vegetable. Give me tips on how I should make please

    8. I've loved and subscribed. What else can I do to show my love? Please, tell me.

    9. I’m subscribed x

    10. That's why I prefer your channel, you give time frames.

    11. Bonjour tu devrais sous titres ta vidéo en anglais avec emq ingrédients ou les mettre en description car il y a pas que des personnes anglaise qui te regarde

      Merci pour ta recette

    12. Sster another nice recipe dish loving it so much this will bh next assignmnnt to cook this thanks I cant belive it youre teacning me alot this is great THANKS

    13. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

    14. Ok nice one but the salt 😞 it’s scary

    15. You fine you don’t have to change the way you talk

    16. Are you for real on this cooking 🔪

    17. You're so sweet…the way you requested viewers to subscribe haha so cute

    18. Hahahahahahahahahaha don't use and and again. Nice recipe there

    19. It’s the too much hoil goorn for me🤣🤣.
      But honestly sisi your channel has helped improve my cooking skills, now I enjoy cooking. God bless

    20. You had me at Coconut oil

    21. Well done good try keep cooking. ten out ten .

    22. My bestie thanks I enjoyed watching love you.

    23. Am laughing sis you're doing great

    24. Your channel is amazing. Great content.

    25. I've subscribed, okay.😂

    26. `Hyyymmm I don't want to cook I just want to marry you, all the yummy stuff will be solved for me lool

    27. Wow so cool n they are always short dTs y I like visiting here

    28. Please update the ingredients list it makes following and purchasing ingredients needed easier x

    29. Ingredients please sisi

    30. Who else replayed the recipe more than once listening to that voice accompanied by a perfect recipe, Thanks sis Jemima, yo the best

    31. Hello sisi, great video you've got here! I was wondering what brand of spaghetti (Nigerian) you cook with and how they don't get sticky.

    32. Yes oooo, o juicy baje 😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Super recipe, thank you Sisi.

    34. Aaaaaw😀😀😀😀#I have subscrsubscribed😙

    35. Did try this recipe with chicken only for mother-in-law birthday dinner and she enjoy it. Thanks to you 🤗🤗🤗

    36. I subscribe love your recipe. It’s my 1st time I watch your video. Do you have jellof rice recipe please?

    37. Same end result. You used 2 different methods though. So it's all good Sisi. Enticing food as usual. 🤤

    38. Aunty please I love your vocabulary gan… tainkz è file bè it’s original ejoor ma !

    39. It’s the “juizy baje” part for me it has me laughing out loud…Aunty mi you’re doing well…..

    40. U need to start a restaurant sis

    41. U are very funny 😄 luv u😘😘😘

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