Just showing you how to prepare this delicious Nigerian Chicken Stew
#Nigerianchickenstew #chickenstew #nigerianstew


12 cut chicken parts (SOFT CHICKEN)

1.5 Cups Vegetable Oil

4 Tatashe

2 Tins Canned Tomatoes or 6 big pieces

Scotch Bonnet (As much as you can tolerate)

1 Inch Ginger Root

6 Garlic Cloves

2 Onions

Curry Leaves/ Powder

Bouillon Cubes


For Chicken Marination:

Garlic Powder


Curry Powder

Paprika Powder

Dried Basil

Bouillon cubes


#chickenstew #nigerianchickenstew #nigerianstew #sisijemimah


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    1. Thanks for watching.
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    2. I made this last night for dinner it was amazing thanks 😊

    3. I love making soups and stews in the fall and winter. Definitely want to try this ! Looks amazing!

    4. Thank you for this amazing and easy to folllow recipe!

    5. what is the chicken seasoning? making this today

    6. For students that don’t have ovens, what’s the alternative? Please your reply is appreciated

    7. My housemate just made this and let me have a portion and MANNNN soooo good

    8. Nigerian cooking has evolved way beyond my childhood memories in the 80's. Ginger, garlic, thyme and curry were hardly ever used in those days. This looks good.

    9. I love your method simple

    10. And now "I'm just" going to like your video..

    11. Looks amazing trying to make it tonight just wish I had the measurements of the spices

    12. I tried this recipe tonight. Soo delicious, thanks sis!

    13. what do you mean by curry powder? there's many kinds

    14. Hi Sisi, any idea why the stew 'jumps'?
      I have tried different ways of cooking stew but, I haven't been able to figure out the reason. Sometimes it doesn't but, most times it does.
      I thought it was the heat but, I just cooked a pot of stew on low heat with same issue.

    15. The smoke detector you hear is not in your house, it's from the video. I know, it really sounds like it's coming from your house, haha.

    16. I used fresh tomatoes and straight up put it in the oil to fry and it had alot of water in it

    17. wow! the thumbnail pic looks like what mama comes up with all the time, i try to always go to the kitchen to see how she makes it her way and she keep me out of the kitchen lock the door, so i find solace in youtube for the recipe

    18. Did you season the chicken broth before adding it? And also I just blended mine with 2 cans of tomatoes it doesn't seem as thick or red as yours should i add more tomatoes?

    19. Tried it for the first time and it was great thank you. Bit hot though because I used three scotch bonnet chilli’s. 🥴🙈

    20. What are measurements for the seasonings?

    21. Hi there! I am American but I want to make this. How long should I fry the stew to lock in that delicious flavor?

    22. thanks i was worried about the oil

    23. Sisi Jemima of life ! What blender do you use pls. I love the consistency

    24. What is the chicken broth made of?

    25. Looks delicious, lot of oil

    26. Looks so yummy, can't wait to try this
      @sisijemimah for those that don't have an oven, is there a way to replicate this recipe.

    27. Hello from Asia! Love your cooking and thank you so much for this recipe! <3

    28. Btec brown stew chicken

    29. sounds like your smoke detector needs the batteries replaced

    30. loved this recipe❤️❤️
      Btw the squeak at 1:26 is from a fire alarm. It indicates that you need to change the batteries haha

    31. Looks cool, what do you recommend eating it with?

    32. How is she on the "rising creator" tab when she is doing a 31k view video when it's been out a whole week. (btw looks really nice)

    33. This looks so good😍😋

    34. Looks so tasty and I'm so hungry 👀😢

    35. What a wonderful recipe! Can’t wait to try it in my instant pot. 👍🏾

    36. Thanks Sisi, will definitely give it a go. Looks delicious.

    37. Babes, you need to change the battery 🔋 in your fire alarm indicator 🚨

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