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  • Title: POWER OF MONEY 不不
  • Author: NEPA BOYS
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  • Upload Date: 2021-12-17 09:18:36
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    1. It's the slapping of head for me不不不不

    2. Problem 不不不

    3. Wow! Really love this……

    4. Ozain wouldn't kii mi o is your confidence for me

    5. That 1be for transactions charges 不

    6. money problem 不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    7. Guys u too much luv u guys.

    8. Guys u too much luv u guys.

    9. Money answereth all things

    10. PROBLEM 不不不不

    11. you want to bam bam 不不

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    13. It's the English for me

    14. Were wan send manual
      You can't watch this on a highway unless you wish to jam agbako

    15. Is your confidence for me

    16. Ozain is mad who hits head like that

    17. Mo ro gbo this NEPA boys are so funny and super, they always make my day

    18. More like the "the power of GREED".

    19. 廙m廙, can't stop laughing, You guys are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

    20. He gat me when he said "shey e like moimi nii" ozain u re a bad guy with unexpected words..kudos to u guyz

    21. You are all the devils bitch, so true, so very very true now. Cowards. Disillusioned with false power, false authority, false value. Completely useless through time and the course of existence. Only birthing unnecessary suffering, not even worthy of rejoicing in for the purpose of council. The future is, profiteering dies with the increase of the heart of man. For the Lord creator of the dimensions of our existence, and the universe, says clearly; he despises the profiteer and their false scales. Don't think for a second that I don't know the authority that I could take over you scum at any time God says so, or even I choose out of courage. I am an inventor that has already produced the very best technologies of their type. This is because of God in me, helping me create, truth anyhow. You all have zero glory, zero wealth, zero true value orientation. Keep chasing the dogs!!! You will never receive creative glory, nor the ability to help humanity, especially in the gaze of eternal values, which are absolute even throughout time. Ignorant wanna be beta bitches you all are. Go to God, God will truly increase your tents. You all serve self ego pride, satan really, REALLY!!!

    22. STINGY:- Is when

      someone asks you

      for salt and you said…

      your mom counted it

      2. CONFUSION:- Is when you steal meat from your mother's pot and you forget whether the spoon was placed upwards or downwards

      3. SHOCK:- Is when you touch your pocket and you didn't feel your phone

      4. CAUSE TROUBLE:- Is when you enter a restaurant and you discover that all the guys there are with their ladies and you decide to make a fake call with your China phone:

      "Hello, my man, I saw your wife with a man in a restaurant, come quick quick" after that, you turn your back only to discover that all the ladies has disappeared

      5. WAHALA:- Is after you have been punished by a soldier and you climbed ur bike and shout "Thunder fire you" and then, your bike refuses to start

      6. KASALA DON BURST:- Is when you take your girlfriend to a bar and order for Andre( wine), as a village girl, she says; "please make it spicy"

      7. WITCHCRAFT:- Is after standing for one hour in a queue under the sun just to withdraw money, and when it's finally your turn, you notice you were with ur Voter's Card not ur ATM

      8. HEART ATTACK:- Is when your girlfriend pregnant and your wife is pregnant 恫


      you that enjoyed my joke, May laughter never depart from your mouth.Amen

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    23. 不不不不不

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