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    2. You really amazed me sir wow 5btc in an hours I can't believe you are such real and I promise to tell the world about the good job you just done for me thank you so much sir

    3. I love you guys

    4. Ijoba kuti face alone na signature… pls do another skit where Kuti will turn NEPA boyz to ANT…lol

    5. Love this comedy

    6. 手手毋

    7. You see that old woman, na my friend, for real life she sabi abuse ehn, Kuma she's got a movie like that too that she really acted the old woman role n executed it perfectly, I can't just remember it's title.. but she's very good at that role and I see her going far in the movie industry acting like that.

    8. I can't stop laughing 不不

    9. Much love for you guys I wish to meet you guys o

    10. 不不不不

    11. Love this movie itele king of action you kill it joor,OPP

    12. 不不不不不不不

    13. Eeeeh mogbe

    14. U guys are my new favorite comedian now,,swears huge fan

    15. Ijoba kuti save you mama
      See your son

    16. Mi leyan mo lolorun

    17. All thanks to ijoba kuti jor even mama son self na ant 不不不

    18. Respect man
      President kuti

    19. I love you guys…. Always making me laugh

    20. Gbosa, gbosa,gbosa for Itele and Nepa boys can't stop laughing 不不不不不不不her son is even an ant不不不不不氣

    21. Lolz不不不e choke

    22. I want you to wish me happy birthday so how much send me your WhatsApp number let chat

    23. Bro drop part 2 of president Kuti abeg

    24. If ozain see momo pikin he for yab life out of am!!!

    25. Nice one

      02:30 oru lol

    26. I love how the woman delivered her dialogues

    27. Keep it up guy's warafanau monkana Aliya

    28. Mtchew kesari comedy doesn't fit him at all

    29. Mtchew kesari comedy doesn't fit him at all

    30. This is so hilarious 不不不不, I have got viral songs guys

    31. This woman na ingrate she suppose thank president kuti, where is her kid sef不

    32. Moomo olohun yo yin,se Omo ree不不不

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