‘Remembering our brother, Thomas Sankara’ – BBC Africa

The long-awaited trial into the murder of former Burkina Faso president, Thomas Sankara, has begun in the capital, Ouagadougou. He was killed in a coup in 1987. He was known for his integrity and modest lifestyle. Two of his brothers, Paul and Valentin Sankara, share some memories they have of the Burkinabé revolutionary.

Video by Nick Loomis and Lalla Sy.


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    1. Thomas Sankara n'avait- il pas d'enfants?

    2. I was living a corporate life in 1983/4/5 and never heard of this man. If I had my time back I would have gone to help. Same age and burning sense of colonial injustice.
      Obviously, a short but real life…….

    3. Lamour ❤️❤️

    4. Beautifull ode to Thomas Sankara. Thank you for posting.

    5. The upright man who freed his land

    6. Thomas Sankara is a personal hero of mine. What he did for the people of Burkina Faso was extraordinary, and his murder and overthrow and the reversal of his reforms was an absolute crime and a tragedy. I hope Compaore finally faces justice. There are no words to describe such a backstabbing traitor. My heart breaks for his brothers, his wife, all who knew him and mourned his death. They must be so incredibly proud of him.

    7. ገዳዩም አብሮ ሃዘን ሲቀመጥ ሳይ ገረመኝ…

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    9. Who was behind the assassination of Thomas Sankara, other than Blaise Compaore ? Any hidden hands?

    10. He sounded like a man with compassion, vision, integrity, and very wise well beyond his years.
      An example and model for anyone else who has this moral courage…

    11. If I see the image of our heroes in Africa I feel like crying because there was love Africa a lot and they need to see to build the United State of Africa let the gold and diamond Country Africa is

    12. Le meilleur président de tous les temps c'est vous Sankara tu nous manque énormément mais ont te le promets que nous les jeunes ont te vangera ❣️❣️🌹🌹

    13. But it's the westerns work to get ride of every nationalists that rise in power in Africa,and they fashions and backed dictators which they end up destroying later when they feel they are become useless, oh Africa when will we wake up??

    14. Watching this video on BBC I even felt much pains 😢 😫 😭.

    15. The British European Rulers and british european elites are the Greatest International Armed Robbers, International Fraudsters, International Hustlers, International Swindlers, International Hoodlums, International Offenders, International Biggest Liars, of all times in the World History. For example, all troubles Africa is going through is caused by the British European Rulers and british european elites.

    16. Never forget and always remember to share with those you meet the story of just one other who helped you along the way

    17. 34 years on and we still remember and moan you comrade. If only we can resurrect a person. Much love from kenya

    18. His death is z doing of westerns especially US & still they are using Africa for their benefit so keep ur eyes wide open brothers & sisters b/c history will repeat itself.

    19. I will never forgive the french

    20. May his beautiful soul rest in peace and may sell out Mabutu rot in hell and never finds peace for betraying his bestfriend who trusted him all because of greed and power he became a scapegoat used to killed his friend. He rewarded him evil for good.

    21. May a million Sankaras be born on this continent

    22. RIP Comrade Thomas Sankara

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