Retirement Hell – BBC Africa Eye documentary

BBC Africa Eye goes undercover to expose an ineffective and corrupt pension system in Nigeria, which leaves some elderly people sick and penniless, yet grants some politicians inflated retirement packages.

Reporter Yemisi Adegoke travels to Cross River State to meet ‘Ghost Pensioners’ – elderly people whom the state declared dead and deprived of their pensions. Some of whom are forced to rely on financial support from their relatives and are subjected to dehumanising treatment from the state officials for petitioning for their pensions to be reinstated.

UPDATE: A few days after this investigation went out, pensioner Efika Cletus Lafin sadly died, according to residents in his village.

His pension payments had not been resumed. Read more:

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Credit list:

Reporter – Yemisi Adegoke
Filmed, Produced and Directed By – Katie Mark
Executive Producer – Shabnam Grewal
Assistant Producer – Obaji Akpet
Film Editor – Amanda Gunn
Researchers – Senami Kojah, Archibong Bassey
Investigative Consultant – Adejuwon Soyinka
Additional Camera –Karim Shah, Joshua Ajayi, Ayo Bello
Dubbing Mixer – Jez Spencer
Colourist – Boyd Nagle
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Digital Producer – Suzanne Vanhooymissen
News and Impact Producer – Alice Muthengi
Social Media Producer – Anusha Kumar
Reversioning Producer – Anna Payton
Digital Technician – Nazir Corriette
Production Co-Ordinator – Maxwell Murrain
Production Managers – Emma Hill, Simon Frost
Africa Eye Editor – Marc Perkins
Archive Provided By – TVC

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    1. Same in Zambia! Exactly the same.

    2. These documentaries have one thing in common, greed and corruption. I pray the corruption all over the continent of Africa ceases! As naturally wealthy as we are, we should be in much better shape.

    3. We pray the Lord will stop these evil corrupt people stealing from these people who worked all their lives, and now their retirement is stolen from them. 🙏😞

    4. The Problem with Africa is Africans !

      How can you do this to your own People ?

      How can you be so Heartless ?

      How can you be so Wicked !

      How can you !

    5. God sees it all. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay. These corrupt people will reap what they have sown.

    6. Morons can't do math. If the pension pays more than you put into it, it's a scam.

    7. Expose all of them. Share this. Talk about it . Corruption in Tod country has to stop. Are they the only ones who dey suffer?

    8. 💔
      Any update on what happened did the elderly finally get their justice?

    9. Nigeria seems to be a disaster, a hopeless country. Sad.



    12. Still wondering why many youths go through the desert just to try to get to Europe? Nigeria /Nigerians have no hope for yesterday, present and future. Disgraceful

    13. Absolutely disgusting these people should be ashamed of themselfs belive me you will answer to God shame on you, you hungry selfish dogs….

    14. It is a rat race, a circle they all or most of them were involved during their time in active service. If we dont kill corruption, corruption will kill us

    15. How you treat others talk much about who you are.

    16. Corrupt government stole the pensioners money , happens in developing countrys .

    17. My heart bleeds for these pensioners…. Such a sad state of affairs. 😢😢😢

    18. I wonder if we're going to blame the West for this too? These are the same people who'll be voted in as higher government officials and steal from the people. The "ordinary" person will equally do same, so we should quit using "African leaders" because they were once "ordinary citizens." We Africans need to change our attitude and mindset. We can't even treat the vulnerable in our communities (our own people) right. That's terrible!

    19. What wickedness. God is watching!

    20. I can understand the governments caution, the entire country is scammers. So they do not trust the population either

    21. At the moment, I am a civil servant working with the federal government.Going by what I have seen in civil service, I often wonder why the phrase " the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain" is still being sung in our National Anthem. And this pension issue is one thing making me to think whether working for Nigeria is even worth it.

    22. Once you get into corruption, there's no getting out

    23. that is the Nigeria I was born into. smh.. thanks Africa eye for this

    24. A very useless, hopeless and cursed Nation, full of all kinds of wickedness where people work for years and die waiting for their pension.

    25. The corruption in this place is so un believable on every level.

    26. If this generation dont solve this issue now, you will be in the same faith or maybe worse..

    27. Damn this video is too hard for me to watch

    28. Small power. Auditor General wouldn't let anybody rest

    29. It is so heart breaking to see the lies and corruption of today's politicians. This is why the world needs more politicians like Bernie Sanders who'll fight for fairness and equity between the poor and the rich. He inspired me to aspire to be a politician so I can fight for equity and be a voice for the voiceless. Stay prayerful Nigeria someone will change the system

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