Sabinus and mama amazing grace 不 (mr funny) (oga sabinus)

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  • Title: Sabinus and mama amazing grace 不 (mr funny) (oga sabinus)
  • Author: Oga Sabinus
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  • Upload Date: 2021-06-02 08:49:02
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    1. Mama amazing grace just avoid me from today 唐

    2. Edu always dey give you bad news

    3. Cus of milk you loose house

    4. Milk thieve

    5. Sabinus! Sabinus!! Sabinus!!!.
      How many times, I call you?.

    6. Haha man of the year 2021 still 3032 wow

    7. 不不

    8. Because of milk now唐唐唐

    9. Your skits are funny but that voice…

    10. No b juju b dat不不

    11. Insult to my reputation
      This gat me laughing all day 不不不不

    12. Edu is always there for your bad news不不不

    13. Is okay thunder make u homeless 不不不

    14. No be dano milk !! See me see , killed me

    15. Boss my feature na next week

    16. Werey amazing grace indeed朮

    17. I miss sabinus and mama amazing grace
      In fact I miss you tube
      Sabinus my gee

    18. Mr funny! Correct one brou. The facial reaction na one billion!

    19. them never tell you say you be mumu

    20. You for no return the milk

    21. Na ur mumu na him too much.

      You be mumu you dy call another person mumu dem never show say u be mumu.
      You want to please others and displease us and displeased yourself now dm never leave you they have left you day fit dy you will learn your lesson.
      70yrs old man ooh.
      Them teargas am them teargas him..
      70yrs old man funny people.

      Hahaha my favorite comedian
      I like your skit ..keep it up bro.

    22. When Sabinus starts asking "how's family" u know problem dey!

    23. Currently Sabinus is the best comedian

    24. 不不不不不歹歹歹弘弘

    25. Always a victim.. Lol

    26. Turn the back 不 不

    27. The thunder waiting for u on the road home

    28. Stop changing our intro song. One more time I go unsubscribe

    29. Haaa see name for milk 不不不不不不不不


    31. The moment him talk sey make mama amazing grace check that corner I know sey something go sup… him sabi shop pass the owner不不

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