Sabinus Cracks Up Abuja Comedy Club (oga sabinus)

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  • Title: Sabinus Cracks Up Abuja Comedy Club (oga sabinus)
  • Author: Oga Sabinus
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  • Upload Date: 2021-08-19 20:33:55
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    1. Can't believe he can withstand stand up comedy am so surprised is your highest fan

    2. Oga sabinus so you do stage comedy? How is your family Sir

    3. Your amazing Sir, keep shining on

    4. Chai!!!! This guy is killing it God bless you sabinus

    5. Thanks Sabinus, Stand up comedy is dying in Nigeria, and we need people like you to be consistent with it to keep it alive.

    6. I swear sabinus is my best comedian….just hope i blow like him cuz i'm into comedy too

    7. LMAO . Sabinus don kill me

    8. Nice one oga sabinus

    9. Sabinus is really good honestly

    10. Sabinus you're my fan ,but after listen to this ,am more than air conditioner. Much love from Ghana突唐休

    11. boss you good die. you made me laugh like a mad man.

    12. My most funniest gee thumbs up for you sir

    13. Hes truly good in both

    14. 9ice Mr funny….God bless your hussle

    15. Oga Sabinus is naturally talented. Nice one bro

    16. Omo!! This guy is out of this world. A God in skits, and a king on stage. I'm literally wetting my eyes. Thumbs up big name. Biggest fan from benue

    17. 不不不不 Oga Sabinus is a vibe

    18. Oga Sabinus you good and ready for the world, all you need now is keep going, all the best

    19. Nice one Mr funny, ur indeed very funny

    20. See why I say you are the most natural best funny comedian

    21. Aawwww this guy funny too on stage

    22. You are funny man
      Nice one

    23. You are funny man
      Nice one

    24. You are funny man
      Nice one

    25. I am supposed to be studying mathematics at moment.

    26. Sabinus never runs out of comedy just to entertain us and we should appreciate his tireless effort all the time.. Say thank to him

    27. Omo this guy too funny

    28. Oga sabinus u deliver

    29. Best comedy I have seen this week.. He should be invited by big comedians to their show and he should organise his too

    30. Bros, you too funny abeg…

    31. Native doctor dey fix GOTV

    32. 70 years old man… You are a mumu man

    33. Big ups to you, you have made my day with this stand up comedy you are multi talented..
      Oga sabinus (mr funny)

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