Sabinus is always showing strength 不(oga Sabinus)

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  • Title: Sabinus is always showing strength 不(oga Sabinus)
  • Author: Oga Sabinus
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  • Upload Date: 2021-11-06 20:38:21
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    1. Something hooge has happened to me 唐

    2. this man 不不不不不不

    3. ekwere meka we!!!

    4. Its the kiss at the end of the video for me….finally Sabinus don vex

    5. Oga Sabinus more have

    6. I knew it that will never end well

    7. Man you are the best

    8. God bless you for this skit, it is not easy

    9. Sabinus youre the best comedian ever

    10. ishi okpo and GRA nah mate

    11. Black man bitter!!癒!

    12. The way sabinus laughs is so unique

    13. 不不 this is good !

    14. Only you Waka com, mumu man不不不

    15. 不不不now look at Edu's head in the mirror

    16. This man

    17. You better join me cry ooo不不不不不

    18. 不不不不不

    19. If ur talking about talent Lasisi.
      If ur talking about content bae_u and nasty black
      If u want to laugh hard, sabinus channel is there for u.

    20. Sabinus sorry o 不

    21. Sabinus no the ever mind his business

    22. Hahaha… God bless you bro

    23. 不不不不不

    24. Big Bro remember next week shows

    25. Boss you are too much

    26. Na only you walker come

    27. FootooDey don leave u不不

    28. Oga sabinus u too sabi 休

    29. This man cha e continue

    30. Sabinus all your comedy series na market now.. e no longer dey interest me again na 恫丹撾儭

    31. The way sabinus advertises products ehn

    32. You too they make me feel kul 不不不不不

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