Sabinus the human right activist 不 (oga Sabinus)

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  • About Video
  • Title: Sabinus the human right activist 不 (oga Sabinus)
  • Author: Oga Sabinus
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  • Length: Unknown
  • Upload Date: 2021-09-14 08:06:36
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    2. I'm expecting something huge
      Much love from Ghana 突

    3. To be honest, me too im expecting something huge by next week
      ha ha ha ha ha

    4. Madam easy something go fall

    5. Oga sabinus please do giveaway for me

    6. 1xbet doesnt work in Europa

    7. You know y i never punch you, i am a human right activists

    8. How is ur next week gonno be

    9. "How is your next week going to be like, because I am expecting something huge"

    10. Sabinus abeg mind your once na 不不

    11. On good days wahala finds Sabinus, on bad days Sabinus finds wahala

    12. "Madam take am easy, something go fall"

    13. I'm expecting something huge…不

    14. This guy is consistently funny.

    15. En face after en talk why en never punch the guy guy laugh wan kimme I just de watch this guy videos I never skipped any buh not be commenting tho my bad丹buh this is really the best before jotter my two bests tho 屢仆

    16. Am expecting something huge always gets me

    17. "Good afternoon, how is the family?" always gets me…LMAO, Sabinus is a mumu man

    18. His facial expression when he is crying at the end is something to wait for u swear 不不

    19. Please who sang the song used at towards the end of this video?

    20. Hahhahahhahaha

    21. Sabinus will you keep quited

    22. hard to come watch again….boy last want buy pure water for da 50Niara cuz e go worry

    23. I just like the way he cries at the end of his skits. Good job Sabinus

    24. 不不不不不不不不不不不不sabinus na idoit I swear 不不不不不不不不 human right activitis indeed if that no use him head on you he f*** up不不

    25. Sabinus my man

    26. Sabinus too sabi abeg

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