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  • Title: SCOPE ON SCOPE 不不不
  • Author: NEPA BOYS
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  • Upload Date: 2021-05-05 10:59:36
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    1. More wisdom my guys

    2. More wisdom my guys

    3. Nice one guys 歹

    4. Hahaha, that was so funny. Meanwhile, happy birthday to you, sir.

    5. Love you guys. Very funny guys

    6. I really respect the wisdom and talents of these guys.

    7. Beautiful yoruba best 氣屢

    8. Beautiful creativity

    9. Pity on those who don't understand Yoruba, mad funny.

    10. You guyz will not kill me不不不

    11. If i no love una wethin i gain 弘弘aja bi ewure

    12. This guys are really trying I must confence

    13. Love you guys

    14. This is so creative
      Happy birthday to the celebrant

    15. You guys are amazing 荊

    16. Very wonderful concept

    17. 不不不不不不

    18. All scope nah scope ooo

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