Southern Kingdoms – History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 13]

In this episode, Zeinab Badawi travels to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia to find out about the powerful kingdoms of southern Africa and their rulers from 10th to 19th century, like the Mutapa kingdom that stretched across portions of eight modern-day southern African countries.

We hear about one military ruler who repeatedly saw off Portuguese invaders, and we admire the incredible ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the largest stone settlement in Africa south of the Sahara.

Foreign visitors could not believe that this towering civilisation dating from the 1100s was built by Africans. The reality is that Great Zimbabwe is the most striking example of the kingdoms that flourished in southern Africa.


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    1. "Wife on duty" 😅🤣👊🏾
      It is of great interest to me that today as we speak South Africa and other countries are collapsing, it is interesting that leadership of the past are quite chalk and cheese to their descendants who are supposedly freedom fighters who are looting to last grain.

    2. Not bad, but there's a glaringly absent discussion about the role of the British in the region in the 19th and 20th centuries… This episode would have you think the only bad European actors in the region were the Portuguese. Tsk tsk, BBC…

    3. Luckily African history is taught to all in Zambian schools for at least two years in year 8 and 9. We can still do more.

    4. the Ethiopians built great Zimbabwe.

    5. WHITE GREED. Explains everyone's history of non-whites.

    6. When history is narrated by the ones on the receiving end, that is when the truth is really known. History books written by colonial masters was biased and usually gave one sided and often lies about the discovery of continents and gave an impression of a civilisation take over of territories they called their own leaving out the atrocities and massacre of the innocent people who were trying to protect what was rightfully theirs in the first place. There was a lot of looting of the resources both natural and human by the invading colonialists. Any resistance was dealt with barbaric ruthlessness.

    7. Mutapa king: "well done. And what is your name, young man"

      Changamire Dombo: "Dombo… Dombolakonachingwango"

    8. REMOULDED ZIMBABWE IN THE INSPIRATION OF TSVANGIRAYI 2068-2019 PROV$7.8trUSDtoPROV$49USDtimespacelocationstateinorder.orientation1:8760 full of life

    9. Am floored , never in my wildest imaginations I would have known there were actually CIVILIZED people in Africa . Before finding this series , all I knew about Africa was hunger , wild animals , and barbarians . Shame on me for not doing a research on these magnificent people !

    10. I mean here in 2022 in Canada anyone with some cows is probably a little richer then most

    11. Zimbabwe is beautiful we need to explore it

    12. AS THE TSVANGIRAI's WE FORGIVE THE MUGABE's Zimbabwe must rise a fresh As I think about Gamu so must it be well also with Bona and the heavens ofzimbabwe are settled. ISHE MUSIKAVANHU AND MATENGA APPROPRIATION IN THE HEAVENLIES places. mawa ENYARADZO-vicfalls

    13. watching these documentaries make me much alive .my spirit is getting revive.


    15. No one knows who built this but the clues certainly point to the Dun Temve broch of Scotland and the nuraghes of Sardinia that look very similar. The people living currently in Zimbabwe did not build this.

    16. It's sad that the Portuguese just wanted resources and didn't want to work with the people to continue trade. It is also unfortunate that the country took that many years to get its independence. I hope that the schools and the elders teach these to the kids in school and so on. They also need to drop the Portuguese language and religion because that is not their mother tongue or faith and was something forced upon them. In an alternate kind or karma Portugal has many black people moving there and making it their home, so one could say the invasion has begun and the descendants of Africa are returning the favor.

    17. Until the lions tell their story, the hunter will always be the hero. We have to start telling our own stories as Africans for our future generations.

    18. A missing part of this documentary is the Mfecane that gave rise to kingdoms that were fleeing Chaka in South Africa such as Shoshangane and the Gaza empire, Umuzilikazi and the Ndebele and Zwagendaba and the Nguni's. These groups also left destruction in their trail whilst fleeing and also contributed to the decline of some Zimbabwean kingdoms.

    19. I continue to watch and follow the brief history of Africa covered by Zeinab Badawi from Cairo to Cape! I was also excited to watch Dr George Karekwaivanane he is my neighbor!😊. Thank you Zeinab for your videos and the great work you doing.

    20. Thank you so mach

    21. Excellent presentation and accurate history both sides of the Zambezi thank you.We were taught about European history and wars except the African one.The San people played a major role in Zimbabwe this was their grazing ground prior to Kingdom formation. Great Zimbabwe was a secondary build after Mapungubwe stopped existing. Khami near my home town Bulawayo. There was a lot of migrating due to wars in the region. Some of these were defense barriers or look out post they could their enemies from a distance. This also was a great trade route hence the expansion. Theorists tried to discredit African builders but failed. Interesting how these Mono Mutapa Kings migrated similarly cultures and traditions. Baobab fruit very nice. Portuguese took too much and gave back little.

    22. Why are Europeans institutions like BBC telling African history? Especially when the British were complicit in killing those that lived in great Zimbabwe. They know there was a writing language in Southern Africa. It’s in the writings from early European explorers or should I say early economic and cultural hitmen.

    23. the colonialism separate us we must re-unite

    24. I read about the Mwene Mutapa Kingdom and Asante Kingdom of Ghana in primary school, but these documentaries have taught me a lot more. I think Africans need to fund historians themselves and extensive research should be done so that we can tell our own stories like this.

    25. all thanks to the Portuguese :)…

    26. What is ironic is that I’m watching this video as a South African, watching from Namibia, and I didn’t even know this is about Zimbabwe…and coincidentally I’m wearing a T-shirt I bought in Harare few years ago, written Harare (Zimbabwe)!!!

    27. Good at shaking booty not running efficient modern nations, that's white nonsense.

    28. Sons of Jacob many have built it

    29. Great docu series but you left out Namibia

    30. Am I the only one who feels like all the people being interviewed didn’t need subtitles? I’m a native English speaker and they speak clearer than I do. It’s a bit distracting

    31. Very informative and such a beautiful continent. Thank you very much, Zeinab. Well Done!!!! 🙂

    32. How could these people be the builders of Great Zimbabwe? Where are the new buildings based on the original code that they build? This ancient city is very old since the design code is like the ancient pyramids of another age completely. These ancient builders are known the world over as ancient and not from earth Gods. These alien diety had children with Homosapien females of earth. It's clear that they fear that these Africans could be all children of extraterrestrial Gods. Gods that they feared greatly and now have transgressed. Something important is going on in the world today. They chose to build high so they could see the entire solar system complex that they were part of. So why would they build low? The significance of this place is ancient very ancient about and at least 250,000 years old.


    34. The discussion and fascination with the ethnicity of the people who built Zimbabwe is utterly bizarre and shouldn't be a topic to discuss anymore.

    35. great pieces of our history


    37. My late great grandparents migrated from Western Mozambique to the Easter highlands of Zimbabwe in the 19th century.

    38. Badawi i can't thank you enough for your contributions towards popularising African history. Thanks alot

    39. I am proudly African and appreciate the rich history and civilizations of the past we possess.

    40. Zeinab you have contributed to the decolonization of how African history is told. I have never understood my history in this way. Thank you!

    41. That's my Zimbabwe y'all 😫😫

    42. Thus history need to be put on classes,African children need to know their history

    43. Awesome music in the background. Who sang this song?

    44. africans where better of with the colonization

    45. Thank you for a black host and narrator

      Watching whites feels like the colonizers
      Exploiting the history of the colonized

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