When you have a sister that is this annoying, it is very hard for you to breathe in peace around the house.

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  • Title: SQUASH GAME 不不不 // TAAOOMA
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    1. Do you have a sister or brother like this 不之?

    2. What is what

    3. I shouted fr

    4. Heavenly slap 不不不不

    5. Omooor teni ure in trouble

    6. John Cena theme song屢

    7. Taoma consider doing one with Tunde – of chessinslums on Chess Game. But consider also giving proceeds of that skit video to the chessinslums initiative, it will be a win win for both of you

    8. 不不不不不 Teni will kill Tao in this house

    9. Dr Abiola cured my HIV with his medication, love you Dr Abiola #drabiola

    10. As it hit her head I shouted yee儭 once

    11. Now I know why Jesus said,"it is finished"

    12. Now I know why Jesus said,"it is finished"

    13. How sad 不

    14. Reminiscing how I used to treat my older siblings. I love Teni

    15. Tao is so so good with the Teni character….that sometimes i feel there's really a Teni …and not just being acted by Tao

    16. 不不不This Teni go kill Tao for this house o

    17. My heartfelt prayers are with Tao

    18. Tao, may God give u strength to receive a beating.

    19. Normally my mum wouldn't even take offense cos she'll understand it wasn't for her. She'll only warn that we shd not kill her child for her ni. But u see this iya Tao? E dey her blood.

    20. Tao so sorry 五五五五 take hart

    21. You really looks like the squad game toy

    22. 不不不

    23. I don't like Teni 云云云

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