sushs 不不不

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    1. She's never eaten SHUSHI before when we have several SHUSHI Restaurants in Lagos

    2. No be by force to eat Sushi ooo Taaooma

    3. No raw fish lai lai, for me

    4. Chinese food be something ooo

    5. Gist us now,how does it taste

    6. When is not Amala and gbegiri and ewedu TAOMA love you dear

    7. U try dear, oyinbo sabi design tasteless for make e be say e sharp

    8. My best meal back in south korea….hated it at first

    9. Its just rolled up rice…. U probably ordered the less cool one from its look… U can order any maki with avocado and chicken in it or anything, the wasabi is just painful…try order types of sauce u go like Sushi jare

    10. Yah doing well my dear歹

    11. Sushi I don't like it at all亢

    12. This one just Dey flex on a daily

    13. I will just stick to my cassava

    14. So how was it???

    15. Lol! Let's call a spade a spade. this is not like African food so what do expect from her…u re doing well my dear.弘

    16. 不不不不不不不 I can't stop laughing

    17. My first time was so also. So salty. But with time I got better, and here we are

    18. Its d face for me. Like who send me market oooo

    19. Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen

    20. create a YouTube short Channel and upload your short videos there not on your main YouTube channel…. Thank me later, you are welcome in advance

    21. I just like your videos too well

    22. No be like Naija Jollo…….不不不云

    23. Oh that's kimbap Resep awww

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