Don’t wait till there’s a turning point 🚶🏽‍♀️
Make a move now!

Featuring ;
Efeirele as Layla

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    1. Pls can there be part 2

    2. Kudos to u Tao for this lovely message a almighty God enlarge ur wisdom knowledge and understanding in Jesus name ❤️❤️

    3. I love these very educative
      We shouldn't always be laughing but also learn

    4. Great message

    5. Very touching, short but educative

    6. Good message dear

    7. Good one. I love this

    8. at this time I need to walk out but I dont have money to make a move..no uncle no aunty..my mum whom I would have run to is dead..I need support to make a move😭😭

    9. Good one Tao, keep it up! Best message ever…when abuse occurs, leave!

    10. Who raise these men? Very good question. It's a shame for a man or anyone to abuse another person

    11. Very educative

    12. Very educating my dear, I pray many find the courage from this video to do the right thing..God doesn't like divorce but He values your life, more than anything..
      He said " life and death I've I set before you, choose life so that you might live"..

      Then this part got me laughing, men are ment😂😂

    13. Taaooo!!! 😌 👏 I'm short of words. You're just good biko!

    14. Please turn this into a movie

    15. Taaooma ✌️🥰🥰 You are amazing with your craft 👏🏾👏🏾

    16. This actually moved me to tears I dunt know why

    17. Great piece of work. A timely message.

    18. I am not advising anyone to leave or stay that’s your decision to make fa
      Like my mum will say they don’t show anyone the front of a moving vehicle you either move away or wait till it hits you because most people when they reconcile you will be the devil that wants to put asunder what ikoyi registry has put together because it’s not God

    19. Was expecting it to end with layla's death
      But instead she committed murder
      Either way
      Once there are signs
      Runnnn for your lifeeeee😬😬

    20. There is no love in boyfriend or girlfriend relationship it is only in marriage you will understand what true love is not lust. When you have to stick to a partner forever even when the physical attraction is not like the beginning. Any man that is able to stick to his wife is a good husband material but girls of this days are looking for too much like he must be tall ,6 Park, intelligent, smart, handsome and rich and you think that he will only belong to you

    21. We need more of this type of content to educate ourselves! Thank you Taooma and other Nigerians educating us and not just entertaining us.

    22. I love you Taoo

    23. My fave Efeirele❤️☺️

    24. Exactly why so many die in marriage "sweet coating". Supporting an abusive husband cox of yeye love

    25. Short of words but this is marvelous scriptwriting Tao♥️

      Also me liking, unliking, and liking the video all over just to see the effects🌛😂🥲

    26. Tao on point!

    27. The message is clear and loud enough! Wisdom is profitable to direct…Better to be separated or single and be alive, than being in a relationship or marriage that kills you gradually everyday.

    28. Wow
      This is such a good one Taao.
      I pray we all adhere.

    29. https://youtu.be/LYd8TuN9ITY
      This can not be happening……

    30. "You will never understand …"

      And she's right

    31. God bless you for this. It couldn’t have come at a more better time.

    32. Wow!

      I'm still looking for my words, like what is this great quality of acting and storytelling. Thank you Tao, this felt so real and good to watch

    33. Baaadadassh😹😹

    34. This is almost the exact messsge with late sinach

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