TAAOOMA – FBI 102 之之

Iya Tao dishes out FBI skills .

Watch and enjoy. thank you

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  • Title: TAAOOMA – FBI 102 之之
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    1. Shina Rambo mistakenly confess

    2. Just 6…………justice league

    3. Haha
      Shina Rambo
      Ahhh dis sister will not kill someone with laughter

    4. "9 millimetre "不不不

    5. I can't stop laugh ooo nice one taaoma

    6. We need a movie from u taooo

    7. God bless you, taaoma I love watching your skip…. if am in a bad mood your skips always change my mood and makes me this FBI is really interesting…. God bless you dear

    8. 不不不不不不不不 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    9. Justice league 不不不

    10. only you 6girlfriend, legend

    11. Y don't u just become an actress

    12. What's tayo gonna turn after his father

    13. I said it earlier…and again..Kunle's wife is powerful and full with tricks 不

    14. Kunle you too! 6 is greedy

    15. Wow beautiful. Tao pls keep this up, i love this

    16. 不不不不不well done ogogo action po

    17. Kunle …Ronke….hahaha

    18. 9 Millimetre

    19. I don't know how you fight world war 2 legend Rambo 2

    20. I'm not a preacher of all this things you're doing 不不 Indaboski is that you

    21. Lol @ justice League 不不不

    22. Well done…ogogo
      Action poop….hahaha

    23. I was waiting for that come off it 不不

    24. So Kunle is cheating

    25. Justice league
      Ogogo action poor,legend,shina rambo儭儭儭儭儭儭

    26. Walai! Is me that wee marry this Taao Las Las fa!

    27. My friend come of it
      Once a soldier always a soldier 不不不不不不

    28. Weldon ogogo action pooo

    29. Justice league

    30. How come you don't recognize a toy gun
      Justice league

    31. I can't stop laughing 不

    32. "Very good, I know you will not 'jewo'"…hahahahahahahah… 不

    33. 不不不不I dey laugh to extent tears dey commot

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