Mothers gets to use this technique very often, and we are tired oooo.

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thank you, God bless.

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    1. Taaoo this finished me 五不不不不不不

    2. Ronke come off it, nah.

    3. Why do u want to murder ur mother ? 滕屢

    4. Taoh utterly shocked her mother Ronke !
      Parents hardly ever acknowledge that their children have grown.

    5. If you watch this video more than twice pls gather here

    6. 不不不不不

    7. I see myself here charlie my uncle wife and I

    8. Kunle didn't even believe
      He knows the wife he married

    9. Stigma pension不不不不

    10. Hahahaha 不不不不, iya Tao you can lie

    11. My favorite character is Kunle, Baba Tao be too much

    12. Kunle's Signature: Come of it!

    13. "Come off it now "

    14. Taooma want to kill me

    15. Your children will do it for you

    16. This is not only mothers but women,they like to play victim even when they caused wahala. But how can someone murder their mother?

    17. Most of us have our mum this reality check before they start cutting us some slack,if not they will baby you even as married as you are.

    18. This slaps are too much mama Tao, no parent slap kids like this,

    19. Come off it

    20. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 African mothers!I love my continent,

    21. This is so real. U talk back to an African mother, u see pepe

    22. 不不不不, see lie, smack down with mouth.

    23. Tao father is a cruise

    24. Never hiss in an African home

    25. I swear my mum does it sometimes

    26. Is it only me that heard Tao's head cracking like egg

    27. Ronke:- pension
      Tayo:- who pension help???
      Ronke:- epilepsy ni
      I live this her rhymes men不儭

    28. Reaction of our mother's

    29. Iya taooo be careful of taoos egungun o

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