Teranga: We dance to forget – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Yankuba is a young Gambian man who fled repression and made a perilous, life-threatening journey, across land and sea, to Europe.

Once in Naples, he discovered a pernicious climate of racism and a slow and unhelpful immigration system. His only escape is a small underground club in the heart of the city called Teranga.

It provides a rare safe space for migrants to dance and sing away the trauma of their journey to Europe and the discrimination they face in Italy.


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  • Title: Teranga: We dance to forget – BBC Africa Eye documentary
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    1. Siete i miei pensieri, gli unici che appartengono alla mia Anima , tutto ciò che alimenta il battito del Mio Cuore 🔥

    2. Update stories would be really nice . 🥺

    3. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm trying to write my story but there's a lot of pain

    4. Borders exist for a reason

    5. I enjoy listening to BBC

    6. I'm from Germany and I'm not even balck. But I see you guys suffering. Lets stand together against all the racism and the inhuman treatmen of refugees and migrants. We can change the fucked up system!

    7. Nakam boys. I hope you all find happier lives. Libya is a hell hole for black Africans. One day I pray you return home safe and well 🇬🇲

    8. Does anyone know the song at 3:23?

    9. Muito bom gostei

    10. I absolutely HATE how the world treats Africans…We are humans, we have a beating heart just like the next person, we bleed red blood, we are hardworking, law abiding citizens and we can definitely add to making society more positively productive and economically stronger…Only God knows how much I pray to be in a position to help my people with a HAND UP so that they can thrive and survive in this cruel, racist world…

    11. Wow interesting big hug from Barcelona for all of the senegabian

    12. But you see this is part of the problem…why do these young, intelligent and productive men feel the need to leave their homeland and become an asset in someone else's country…it's called brain drain and Africa will continue to suffer for it…

    13. It's interesting how some folk love to act as if racism ain't everywhere 👍🏾

    14. I'm so glad for him, but I don't want to see any africans making this perilous journey, it's a death sentence 2yrs till he can seek medical treatment what a shame & disgrace.

    15. Imagine being so early that you don't find any comments………..

    16. Whats with the subtitles? The guy in the black hat is speaking good English

    17. I love this channel so much…always giving useful information for real

    18. You can tell our brothers are in pain here

    19. Who knows it feels it…….

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