Hard Chicken

10 Medium Tomatoes

4 Red Bell Peppers

4 Chilli Peppers

3 Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Vegetable Oil

3 Onions

Ginger Paste

Garlic Paste

Curry Leaves


Curry Powder

Bouillon Cubes


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    1. This looks so yummy 😋 I want to ask the tomatoes 🍅 you use are they raw once then you blend them please

    2. I prepared this stew yesterday and my husband loved it,he wants me to prepare it again ,thank you sis jemimah your recipes are just something else ,please do more videos for us sister,

    3. You didn’t add tomatoes paste{tin tomatoes}

    4. I made this today and it the The best I never tried roasting the peppers 🌶 before for making stew before but omg 😍😍I’m in love, I will always roast from now on

    5. The Chicken is already naturally strong am not sure frying is good idea.But it looks good anyways.

    6. M definitely going to try this 1 ,I want to surprise my hubby, thanks.

    7. There was so much oil in this dish that the US are going to invade it.

    8. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    9. Thank so much sis,so appetising,

    10. I’ll be trying this! I am SO glad I found your channel because I am TIRED of eating the same stuff all the time😂

    11. Before I beg people to cook for me because I don't really like cooking but with your channel am now a professional in cooking, I now brag too , in fact my love for cooking is something else now, I sleep and wake up to this channel, have learnt how to cook so many dishes from you, no body reach me again oooo, I too much now, all thanks to you Sisi, may God almighty continue to bless you with more wisdom 💋💋💋

    12. I made this and same way with my jellof rice, honestly after doing it I was just too proud of myself, it came out so delicious and looks so beautiful too, thank you so much for the free tutorial, I personally appreciate you so much, my best food channel, I love you sisi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯

    13. ❤❤❤❤❤

    14. Nice one sis
      I tried this method and it came out well, but I used ginger instead of garlic😊

      New subscribers 😘

    15. The problem with that you are not going through it again but it is a complete Blue blue blah was good no no no bar I mean not why why not a microphone with Numberjacks

    16. Nice but way too much oil, tomato paste and salt for me, but i love the recipe it looks amazing. I will try it thanks.

    17. I made this and its the best thing I've ever made. The sauce comes out so delicious

    18. Please if I dnt have an oven, how else can I roast the peppers

    19. Oil stew

    20. Beautifully explained throughout. Definitely making this soon 🙂

    21. What if I don't have oven to roast the peppers and tomatoes any alternative?

    22. Gud afternoon pls I want to knw did u do dis without tin tomatoes?

    23. Hard chicken? How do you make the chicken hard please

    24. Nice stew ma’am please what did you do with the stock sieved out

    25. By the way thank u so much watching your video help me with my dinner tonight..I will keep watching out for more of your videos..

    26. BEAUTIFUL👍

    27. Doing this recipe for the second time now cuz I really enjoyed it the first time. Had to come and be sure cuz I don’t wanna miss any step. It’s so good tysm 😭❤️

    28. Just your voice makes this food sound amazing! Thanks for introducing me to authentic Nigerian food:)

    29. Very tasty

    30. Use less oil, and make a flour rouge, for it sucks up the oil. I am Brown American, and I make smothered chicken bone in breast. I only use corn oil I fry the breast on all sides in a little oil, take it out, and I remove skin and fat, I then just the little oil , that i fry the outside of the the
      breasts. I remove breast, add flour and brown, then water, when brown enough, garlic and green pepper, salt black pepper, garlic powder. Make enough gravy to cover the breasts, and cook on high, then lower the heat, Remove breasts when 3/4 done, and cut into chunks, and replace back in the gravy, and finish cooking. pour over washed white rice, and corn, greens, okra, green beans can be side dishes. You do not get any grease and delicious!

      Thank you from ex-pat in Queretaro, Mexico now.

    31. For us that doesn't have an oven to roast what are we meant to do ?? Second option

    32. This was absolutely delicious.

    33. Wow thank u tried this today wow my stew have never tasted better thanks 🙏

    34. Thanks u so much dear my man really enjoyed it🇧🇷🇿🇦

    35. The oil amount daaamn it's so shocking

    36. Hello what type of rice do you use to cook this

    37. "And you can even eat it will bread sef" 😁…….subscribed

    38. Thank you 😍

    39. Definitely trying it out today

    40. Hi….so I don't have an oven, how else can I roast the pepper, tomatoes & all mixture?

    41. About how many pounds of chicken is this?

    42. Woah!! I just came across your channel and so glad I did! Everything looks mouth watering!! Ive never had Nigerian food so I cannot wait to try everything! Also I just got a ninja xl foodie so yea, Ill be having a hard time deciding what to make bc everything looks so damn good!!



    45. Two many spices in the chicken

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