The Bullet and the Virus: Police brutality in Kenya’s battle against coronavirus – BBC Africa Eye

Africa Eye investigates the impact of the deadly coronavirus in Mathare, one of Kenya’s poorest settlements.

As the pandemic looms, heavy-handed policing leads to violence and a series of tragic deaths.

Reporting from Mathare’s coronavirus frontline, local journalist Elijah Kanyi asks: is the cure deadlier than the virus?


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  • Title: The Bullet and the Virus: Police brutality in Kenya’s battle against coronavirus – BBC Africa Eye
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    1. Kweli mnyonge hana haki

    2. Congratulations Kanyi for the good work.God bless you and your family

    3. It's really depressing but this people complaining of such living conditions.Fir me this is better than living homeless in US

    4. How is Michael, the border border taxi that lost his eye? Please contact back

    5. Our African Leaders are corrupted People they are stealing Money and keeps in Eroupeane Countries.
      Which kind of Brain they have…

    6. All colonized countries the same politics Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan North & South, Cameroon, Ghana, Mozibiq, Tchad, Somalia, Laberia, Congo, Gabon, Tanzania, Angola, Congo kinshasa, Niger, Mali,
      All these Countries they are under the control of the colonizers, that means, UK, France & others

    7. Africa my Africa, when are we gonna ever be for ourselves and not against us? We are our own worst enemy!!!

    8. Incredible documentary, so well composed and very interesting.

    9. The most BEAUTIFUL thing in kenya is how muslims and christian live together one body only differs on politics from northen to coast. I pray for kenya always

    10. Thank you for your work man!🙏

    11. This new makes you feel like Kenya was going to come to an end, BBC huh?

    12. I agree with the people's that it was the police that killed this young child he said it was the country first Coronavirus Case … so much bullshit …

    13. You could simply call this place, Kenyan vavella! !

    14. Whoever this man is… I.e the journalist, much respect

    15. "Sorry" won't bring their child back

    16. The first time the curfew started those who were past, both men and women were beaten by police

    17. This is why I don't like go in kenya because police are luck of training and ignorant they do every thing because of money

    18. It's not impossible that the one world governments make up lies and then use it to there advantage..while in other worlds/words its atotally different story..the good thing is this has been prophesied already…how many innocent children need to suffer…it's so simple….GOOD OVER EVIL….and HELL IS WAITING FOR ALL OF GODS REJECTED.

    19. The black race is its own enemy, we treat each other like this. It’s just sad they are using their power to abuse their own kind.

    20. The government handled it very badly. Shame on them.

    21. The government must be aware of what is happening in this country they obviously don't care this is disgusting murderous behaviour by the police they shoot to kill they are thug's that the government protect at all costs at least the world knows what's going on in this country may the ppl find ☮️ peace and justice 🙏

    22. Imagine being in your house and all the sewage comes streaming in to meet you and your children the police brutality is bloody awful and they don't appreciate human life that poor mother after they shot her 13 year old son fckn thugs and bully boys big bastard's hope they get their just deserts aww this is so sad for the mother and father of the boy hope justice prevails

    23. I’m glad yasin got justice poor boy rip

    24. more BS virus fake info from MSM , and a corrupt government… the country is like it is due to corruption of politicians.

    25. 9:30 Caption:
      Pimpin ain’t easy.

    26. “All the raw sewage from up the hill drains into my house”
      Excuse me while I projectile vomit after hearing and seeing that..🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

    27. Police brutality in Kenya goes hand in hand with police corruption. Starting from the top. Nothing new here.

    28. One metres. I feel so bad for the Oma😀 the street vendor

    29. The corona cases in Kenya exposed how stupid and brutal most of our kenyan police are.. This is why we celebrate whenever a policeman dies because they have made us believe they are not human beings

    30. "Police Brutality"!!! Get right TF outta here!!!….Kenya??!!!….NO WAY!!!!

    31. The Problem with Africa is that its Government doesn't even understand the problem of the people they are ruling !

      You can't solve a puzzle you don't understand

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