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  • Title: THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NIGERIA AND GHANA (a Nigerian staying in Ghana)
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  • Upload Date: 2021-10-18 11:19:27
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    1. 😂😂😂💀@ Do I wanna really die just for picture?

    2. That big brother part, I can't agree more. The fans annoy the living soul out of me

    3. Good job maraji 🔥

    4. I enjoyed watching this video

    5. tysm someone had to do this vedio

    6. No body can change that fact is on our DNA viva Nigeria 🇳🇬

    7. This is a good one and I agree with most things. Only been to Ghana for a short holiday but I found it impressive. They are indeed very courteous. The electricity is big deal for me and I think it accounts for many more businesses or companies in Ghana.
      I think it's a sane place to live. Well done

    8. There's Burger King now in Nigeria…

    9. You did very very well thank you so much I will look for you when ever I’m in Ghana for holiday

    10. Great Youtube video presentation my cute ebony Sista! Nigeria is beautiful, too though had not lived there for 40 years. Lagos is not the only place in Nigeria. Nigeria is big and has many cities and towns and is beautiful; please note!

    11. When it comes to safety, Ghana tops Naija … I remember when I was at Asuquo- Kumasi, I would walk from my place to a supermarket at past midnight, to get pringles and ice-cream to binge on as I watch movies tdb.. When I later moved to Labadi,-Accra, i stroll to get roadside mishai as late as 11pm.. For all my stay in Ghana, i cant count the number of times I sleep off, forgetting my door ajar…. That safe… No try am for naija, if not your head go find your body.

    12. This was very detailed Maraji and yes! You put a lot of effort into this. Such an intentional video. Thank you

    13. This was very detailed Maraji and yes! You put a lot of effort into this. Such an intentional video. Thank you

    14. As a person who was born and bred in Lagos by Ghanaian parents, your accuracy hits home. 👌
      It's not everyone who gets to see the best of both worlds.

    15. This is a lot of work. I have a lot Ghanaian friends here. A Ghanaian is ready to live in an empty house but spend a lot in beer and fish. But we Nigerians are ready to starve and live large, riding big cars, living in big houses. But we also have a lot in common.

    16. See the way I'm watch adverts so it can bring more income for you.

      Love you always

    17. Didn't think I'd see the video to the end in one sitting but oh, well… 🔥

    18. Ope oh! We have Burger King in Lagos!! And guess what? It’s trash 😩😩😂😂😂

    19. There is Burger King in Nigeria now lagos lekki

    20. You know they have done a good job on us when we prefer the dangerous, bleached, hydrogenated coconut oil to the super healthy homemade one that has all the nutrients and smell intact. That sums up the brainwashed African.

    21. You kept the best for the last!! No light!!

    22. I also married to Ghanaian guy, I oayed a visit to the country, which I love so much. And the kokorobite beach is closed to his home town. Tuba

    23. There's burger king now in mainland.

    24. I like this video 😂😂 The safety issue is sad though. God help us

    25. There’s Burger King here in Yaba though they just open

    26. But burger king just got started here in Nigeria

    27. I feel you should have explored Nigeria alot more before making this assumption cause abuja is VERY SAFE AND VERY BEAUTIFUL AS WELL

    28. First off lagos is known for being a very dangerous place but there are other states that are not as dangerous as Lagos cause lagos is for hustlers so I don’t think you should base nigeria’s safety on lagos

    29. Human being in traffic 😂😂

    30. There’s Burger King in Nigeria ohhh

    31. Such a beautiful video 😍😍😍

    32. I was waiting for the part where you'll compare Nigerian and Ghanaian jollof. 😢

    33. This was very helpful

    34. The first video I've seen that doesn't have a single dislike. Thumbs up

    35. Quite accurate!
      It’s KOKROBITE beach not Korkorbite
      It’s Medaase not Meduase
      And MTN started mobile money in Ghana after learning from Kenya but now all the Telcos operate mobile money too

    36. You're amazing Maraji. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Totally enjoyed this. Very informative.

    37. I am Nigerian and Bae is Ghanaian, am definitely coming home soon 🤣🤣 would love to see Ghana through your eyes for now. Happy New Year Sis ❤️❤️

    38. Abuja is very overlooked, I live there and the Uk. I always love you back😂

    39. About Nigerian artistes..I'm a Kenyan but my favourite artistes are Nigerian; gospel (Not a day goes by that I haven't worshipped with Nathaniel Bassey). Fireboy is my favourite secular artiste. I have many many more. Space won't allow me.
      Love both Nigerian (egusi, jollof) and Ghanaian cuisine(gimme some kenkey, fish with shito etc)..
      Walls are very high in Kenya too. Some parts of Nairobi,you wal carefully with your handbag close to your chest.

    40. There’s Burger King in Victoria Island, Lagos. Good content though.

    41. The best comparative video about these two great African countries.Well done.

    42. 14:13 Your twi spellings are hilarious 😂 but you tried 👌🏽

    43. There is Burger king now!

    44. I agree with you 100%, I grew up in Nigeria, nursery to Uni so I can totally relate. I still inzort my Pipo sha telling them they too relaxed haba……

    45. There’s Burger King in Nigeria o

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