The Golden Stool – History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 14]

In this episode, Zeinab Badawi travels to Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire to find out about the Asante people and their kingdom. We examine the history, myths and legends of the Asante people. We attend the Akwasidae, a colourful festival where the King of the kings of the Asante – known as the Asantehene – has his gold regalia on full display as a way of projecting wealth and prestige. And we hear about the great Asante queen who led the resistance against the invading British and hid the Asante’s most valued and sacred possession: the Golden Stool. The Asante serve as an example of how despite decades of colonial rule, Africans maintained their traditions and continue to revel in and perpetuate their heritage and customs.


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    1. Distorted history teller as usual by the British media she only mentioned when the British took over the kingdom of the Ashanti but when the British were defeated the British

    2. These are histories our children in any African state should be made to study. Instead of colonists Europeans histories. This can give them a sense of pride and self worth in turn. Our history must be decolonised to highlight that Africans had a life before colonization. We were not stranded in this continent before colonization. Then our children will have confidence against other races should they be thought of their great ancestry, their kings and queens their African customs and traditions which are old aged, reasonable and uniformly observed by all Africans. They can know that they are bigger than the west or the east

    3. With all the visible evidences out there, what is Barr. Ejiofor waiting for, before he sues Malami to court for terrorism. And from there, Malami should be asked to mention all those our sale-outs, both home and in Diaspora that assisted the Fulanis in this abominable act against our Onyendu; the only real man I have ever seen. A man who has a heart for everyone, especially, the lower class. MNK, our able leader, wants a liberation for all.

    4. point of correction.
      Banku mean food serve in leaves ………… krobo it is Ba mi Ku …..
      the krobos are not in the volta region but eastern

    5. Why did the narrator refused to read the response of Premier I. What ashame, it was too powerful that was why she couldn't read.

    6. I have learnt something that no body can learn from this video of the Ashanti people of the GOLD Coast.

    7. What an eye opening series ! Am learning the real history of Africa , not the botched up history which was handed down to us to make us believe Africa has no culture and is populated by savages . Now I see the real cultured civilized REAL Africa . Respect !!!

    8. Zeinab and all others who are interested in knowing the omitted portions of the history, please refer to "Yaa Asantewaa and the Asante-british War of 1900-1

      by A. Adu Boahen". Professor Aduboahen's series (a famous historian) provide in-depth history about West Africa and Africa as a whole. The books are well researched for academic studies and can be purchased online. Also, I recommend "Revolutionary Years: West Africa Since 1800". Enjoy!

    9. Medasi pa 🇬🇭

    10. This is a great lectures for our diaspora children around the globe.

    11. The most important object of importance and one ☝🏾- I adored the Kente cloth of 🇬🇭 Ghana and the cloth Yoba
      It’s dated between 18th or 19th century …go go go let’s justify the ❤️ of the Asante and the Nobu and 🇳🇬 Nigerian cloths’ as while. For, Africa is just that beautiful 🪺🍃🥓

    12. Thanks for the in depth search of cultural heritage, the powerful Ashanti Kingdom and the Unity of the Confederacy as well as the commitments and respect if the Golden Stool, which is the Spirit of Togetherness to the citizens of the Ashanti Kingdom.

      As a matter of fact it's time all other tribes in Ghana acknowledge the BRAVERY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and the UNITY of the Ashanti Kingdom to a broader perspective to the the entire nation of Ghana.

      Hence, it's imperative that,such genuine powerful History, which encompasses as far ,Ivory Coast and unto Benin( Dahomey) means a lot for all and sundry.
      It's vivid, that up until this modern 21 century, the Powerful Ashanti Kingdom still exists with dignity, respect and honor to His Majesty, Otumfuo Osei Tutu 11, the Asantehene.


    14. Nawaooo for British…..
      The British left their territory, came to Africa uninvited, looking for what does not belong to them and caused many havoc for the African people as a whole. 🤔🤔🤔
      Thank you Zainab for this very educative documentary. Every African country colonized by the British have their own story and documentary that are not pleasant too. 🤔

    15. The Rwandan tribal war among many is just sad how the black man can easily kill his fellow man just because of tribe.

    16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16 If you are yet be saved please make this confession. Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, that you died on the cross to rescue me from sin and death and to restore me to the Father. I confess and repent of my sins. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. I give myself to you in Jesus name. Amen Welcome into the family of God.


    18. Proud to be an Ashanti (Akan) the greatest Empire Africa has ever seen 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭..Rich culture, wealth,fearless people.. our history goes beyond this.. we are the Jews.. tribe of Judah

    19. They came saw kings and queens destroy them and then discover is

    20. The colonizers audacity of landing on foreign soil and claiming it as their own and proceed to loot and persecute the indigenous people…….. the sheer audacity.

    21. Since the groups were constantly migrating and mixing over the centuries, it's questionable for Black Americans to think they can take a test, know where their enslaved ancestors were from, and go find their long lost relatives. Heck even Alex Haley lied about finding his roots. In fact, he plagiarized a novel titled "The African." The man's widow sued Haley for plagiarism. She won. Subsequently Haley didn't make money off of his novel and died penniless. He was so impoverished that money had to be collected to bury him.

    22. Bishop Tutu come from Ghana lol

    23. The Asante means extention asiande;ha re ate

    24. Wow! The mistake was to ask the West for help.

    25. Europeans are always focused on material things and money. This woman proved it.

    26. This woman from BBC is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She's an agent. She's up to no good.

    27. 12:55 to 12:56 The Jamaican flag representing in the office on the gentleman's desk 🙂… Hoping to visit Ghana very SOON!

    28. I love my country Ghana 🇬🇭, we're very hospitable people to mingle with. Thank you for the documentary of my tribe.

    29. I'm just fascinated by the role women played in Africa pre- European invasion,pre- abrahamic religions. Women were strong and respectable. Great leaders.


    31. They lied to the young inexperienced Prempeh the first so that whilst he was away they could steal the golden stool but failed to do so! They had no choice but to return him back home to his people signifying that once the golden stool is with us the kingdom is still SOLIDLY intact

    32. something have been hide in Akans histry , Try to visit Bono East Region , the Capital is call TECHIMAN , there you will see the fact about Akans peoples . th e golden stool come from TECHIMAN . BONOS are the first people in morden days Ghana.
      That is why BONOS are call AKANS …..Means the first In this histry, something has been twisted from Akans histry . The Techiman you was here is the first kingdom in Ghana, also in the whole AKANS tribes

    33. CORRECTION: Palm oil is not made from the nut; it is made from the pulp of the fruit (the part Ms Badawi tasted.)

    34. Absolutely. Asanteman regained its self rule in 1935 after 34 years of being British protectorate (1901-1935) and entered into a state union for Ghana's independence from the British! Ampa, Asante paved the way for sub-saharan Africa's independence and will always resist imperialism as she did to the British!
      Long live Asanteman 💛🖤💚
      Long live Ghana 🇬🇭

    35. Space is the next frontier. For Africa to have a stake it must unite as a continent in order to muster the resources necessary to compete in the new world. A stake in SPACE is an essential. Aryan supremacy, not earthly unity, continues to be the European goal. It's is no coincidence that ARIENE is the name of the latest series of European space probes.

    36. We studied the Ashanti Empire from Zimbabwe. My fascination was with Yah Asante Wah….

    37. Africans are too forgiving. A leopard does not change his spots!

    38. By the way people. Read more info on ancient Ghana. Her episodes on West Africa are too sketchy and lack the scholarship as she did in Northern Africa. An interesting book to read by a Ghanian, although it's not about history is "The Africans who wrote the Bible" by Nana Banchie Darkwah. This author unveils the truth about how the Bible was written and who wrote it.

    39. The royal family of Ghana knows the history of Ghana better than UNESCO. They state that they are descended from the ancient Egyptians as are many other groups of people from West Africa such as the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Fulani. Why are you not mentioning the great Empires of West Africa such as the Mali, Songhay, and Ghana empires?. You begin these stories around the 17th century. Again your British history lessons are coming forth as this is the time of THEIR appearance. These kingdoms are much older. Who by the way did the research for UNESCO in Africa? Europeans? Many Africans from ancient Egypt(Kemet) traveled across the continent to West Africa. Also, before the Sahara dried up there were lakes and rivers there whereupon people traveled from east to west. I do, although appreciate the information on the Asante

    40. Youtube auto loaded this but I quickly clicked back to Wode Maya…typical tourist click bait from BBC

    41. Plis. Traduzam esses episódios para o Português

    42. No mention of crapping gold….no golden stools here… bait.

    43. Ghanaians are]proud of their country

    44. this is why I will always dislike the british

    45. Lie they've never lived by hunting do enough research my dear.

    46. The Ashantis are a close knitted tribe. We are strong and love gold and kente cloth.

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