The Money Stone: Underground with a child gold miner in Ghana – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Alongside the vast gold fields of Ghana are thousands of illegal mines or galamsey, where unskilled miners dream of hitting the big time. These mines rely mainly on children who abandon an education in an attempt to support their families.

Galamsey is a dangerous game – can anyone get rich quick? BBC Africa Eye investigates.


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  • Title: The Money Stone: Underground with a child gold miner in Ghana – BBC Africa Eye documentary
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    1. Full docie:

    2. You guys are disgusting disgrace need to you guys need to learn how properly my gold you don't need to use mercury

    3. Your money is dollars like you probably get a dollar with your girl like a Bobby give you a dollar the Canadian you probably accept that

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    5. Mentally strong young man!!! mad respect

    6. They don't have a chance without education. Technology is their only hope, and infrastructure and education should be their country's main focus. The problem is short term thinking, greed and corruption.

    7. it's amazing
      very interesting
      very precious
      I love its

    8. Hallo is there a gold seller

    9. I admire strangle of this young man to provide and take care of his family. I hope he makes enough money to stop galamsey and go back to school

    10. These people are living around so much riches and have no understanding of what they hold in their hands. They are handing over real assets and resources for PRINTED PAPER. Wake up Africa.

    11. Digging gold and diamonds for the white people and Chinese people to sell meanwhile paying the diggers next to nothing.. instead using that to build a great economy in their country

    12. I love them all of them Africa is beautiful

    13. The irony of Africa! Africans can not dig through their birth given land yet they still allow foreigners to ravage through their country causing their people to stay in poverty!

    14. Ghana is without question one of the most vile corrupt Government's on earth second only to the good Ole USA . Our Government lead's the world in open corruption & graft .. But you must be a member of the political elite before you can enter the Corruption arena . Family's like the Bush family the McConnell & Grahams the Cheney's all the GOP member's of the CFR . all the slimy underbelly of corruption

    15. Please can u thoroughly investigate GOPROCASH? They may kill Ghana

    16. Thank you BBC for showing This disgusting Trade.This is not a Good LIFE for KIDS!!!!!!

    17. This is the reason Why I don t wear gold and diamonds!!!!!!

    18. Why should the mining coming be owned by foreign companies and not indigenous companies? Africa still have a long way to go. Why do we always have to be at receiving ends?

    19. Africa it is time to wake up they can't be taking from us to enrich themselves enough is enough how we suffer to give them what belongs to us

    20. Brainwashed Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) all they know is to bring down the image of Africa. Why uploading this in 2020 when this video is already over 12years old. Stupid agenda

    21. When u guy report it must be well reported. Galamsey don't me get rich quickly. It too unprofessional to just write anything

    22. Lool wow this is so old BBC posting this as if it is new for what

    23. Hello my dear

    24. Let's focus on the real issue guys:
      1.The mining should have benefited the locals by foreign companies giving them jobs to work,but instead they exploit the minerals and sending the minerals back to their country leaving our African brothers poor.
      2.Our governments fails when they sign contracts with the foreign companies without considering how the locals will benefit.
      3.Point is driven home,like they say "The government is eating it's own people" exploitation in African countries is still going on up to date 2020.
      Final nail down,the current president of Ghana is trying to do a great job to the Ghananians.

    25. I will be banning BBC soon in Africa

    26. This video is more than ten years old hmm bbc

    27. BBC you are fake 13yrs ago video leav Africa alone you fake TV

    28. They are cutting the forests too… Soon there will be no more left

    29. The propaganda continues with BBC. I wonder why they are so fascinated with these type of stories. They’re on a mission to portray a poor and struggling Africa. Worry about the poor in England. Leave us alone


    31. Stupid BBC , always finds a way to make africa look poor, they should know that Africa is the future of the world.

    32. Foreign "OWNED" company!!?

    33. This is an old documentary….strict mining and Galamsey laws have been passed by the Government to stop individuals from indulging in illegal mining. All the individuals who I know that were into it have stopped and sold off their excavators. It's sad that Big mining companies working in these communities don't give back to the communities they work in, by creating infrastructures and good roads.

    34. You make pennies, while those who use you make dollars. Foolish!

    35. This video is more than 10 years old. That currency has not been used since 2007 and galamsey has been illegal for years now

    36. BBC will never show the good side of Africa to the world. What has the black man done to the white man? Odeneho Sikaba

    37. It’s sad his father gambles and doesn’t want to work. I’m sure it all contributed to the divorce of his parents.

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