The toxic gas flares fuelling Nigeria’s climate change – BBC Africa

Joy and her family are among two million Nigerians living within 4km of a gas flare in Nigeria’s oil-rich south.

Climate change has had a devastating impact on Nigeria. Fertile lands are turning into deserts in the north, while flash floods have become more common in the south.

The country’s oil industry is making things worse as the practice of flaring – the burning of natural gas that is released when oil is extracted from the ground – is common despite its illegality. The practice is a major source of greenhouse gases and a contributor to climate change.


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    1. go green

    2. Nigeria could produce electricity for west Africa with this gas.

    3. well, you know, if ya randomly kill 50% of the population, emissions will also fall by 50%.

      A random, dispassionate, fair, rich and poor alike, it is a solution to avoid climate catastrophe.
      The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

    4. The most EXTREME weather events of 2021! —-> We want to help you stay informed with our bite sized data!

    5. I wonder who owns the oil companies🤔

    6. I don’t expect anything less of Western media like BBC but they leave out the fact that major contributors to WORLDWIDE climate change is the West (especially the US) and China. The West is just able to buffer the effects of climate change via certain amenities they enjoy (living far away from plants and factories, air conditioners, etc). Additionally, most of the oil companies that illegally contribute to these issues are international and include companies like Shell, Chevron, etc. This was what caused conflict between the Ogoni people and the Nigerian government. Yet, being the sell-outs that they are, the Nigerian government sided with these multinational companies over the health and welfare of their people. I’m convinced that the west is responsible for a majority of the conflict in this world yet they always find a way to convinces everyone else that they are the problem.

    7. Nigeria is a failed colonial project. An active British slave camp that should be dismantled. Unless you split it, the sufferings and pain will never end.

    8. If you're looking for a way to help the environment you can switch to ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees..


    10. These impoverished people are just trying to live.

    11. This has nothing to do with the west this is just greedy people

    12. This is irresponsible journalism! No comments from regulators, the government itself or industry players on when they intend to stop flaring associated gas. BBC didn’t even mention the recent upsurge in the destruction of illegal modular refineries by the NIgerian Navy , which is reducing the polluted soot air which causes acid rain and breathing problems for citizens of Rivers state and Bayelsa… this is a far general problem which affects even the Governor of the states in their luxury houses. Give all sides of the news ,don’t market Nigeria as a shit hole! Take this documentary off and do it properly.

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