Tips to improve your mental health during lockdown – BBC Africa

Managing your mental health right now can be a challenge – lockdown is tough and the daily news about the Covid-19 pandemic can be depressing.

So BBC Africa asked two experts to share some practical advice.

Produced by Ashley Lime and Helen Grady.

Filmed and edited by Gloria Achieng.


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  • Title: Tips to improve your mental health during lockdown – BBC Africa
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    1. Awesome Content 👏💐😍
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      Best Ways To Improve Your Mental Health During Lockdown Days 👇


    3. Must Watch China Will Take Over Ethiopia and Rest of Africa pls Get this out there to African People's and Ethiopian People Before it's Too Late

    4. Hi, to be honest, often I stay in my pygama and I am so happy to sleep long hours….I am also glad to cuddle with my cats ! Greetings from a white person in Germany

    5. We shall over come it

    6. Only a fool would believe anything the BBC tells you. It was only two weeks ago a trendy young black female told us it was misinformation that Africans would be trialled with an experimental COVID-19 vaccine, then yesterday 24th April, BBC news announced "they" are planning to trial the test vaccine in Kenya.

    7. A privileged part of Africa… unlike most of the continent where ppl have a much much more difficult live. I really feel for the unprivileged.

    8. Pointless information, garbage

    9. No more than seasonable flu..

    10. Victoire! la #volte-face du #gouvernement.

      Faute statistique… #Média via @YouTube
      Comment détruire n'importe quel virus. Une lampe UV (le soleil) une température humide de 70 degré et plus. Un bain ou une douche chaude. Alcohol par la bouche, sur la peau ou intraveineuse..La vitamine C,D(soleil) et A Remonté votre système immunitaire. Hydro chloroquine sulfate ou la quinine (TonicWater) gin tonic… de temps en temps. Zinc (fruit de mer ou poisson) Vous pourrez reprendre vos vieille habitude ou continuer. A votre gout…

    11. Very Interesting Important Information .

    12. Hello BBC Africa 🙋🏾‍♀️ from the U.S.A.🇺🇸. I truly admire my educated brothers and sisters in Africa 🌍. But, black people throughout the world need to really love on each other since alot of people outside our race don't have a real love for us!(smh). Even, The Body of Christ, as a whole need to love on each other more during this pandemic. Some people are racist toward blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. And, some are not. Much love to those who are not full of racism and hatred ❤️. And, much love to all my black brothers and sisters in Africa, Haiti, and anywhere in the world 🌍

    13. Death made in China 🙏🙏👍👍👍

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