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    1. When am using my last card i will remember timaya song, this life i can't kill myself o不不不不

    2. Hi
      Can I have your WhatsApp num

    3. I can never stop loving you歹

    4. How do I get to meet Tao,am really having a crush on her??朮

    5. U Sabi dance o,love ur steppings

    6. You spend money come dey dance

    7. I love you joor

    8. The reason I love your comedy is that you always cover your head much love ma

    9. Just when I was having this song on repeat, you used it. Tell me why wouldn't I be a proud fan仄賤儭

    10. I love you so much babe 歹歹

    11. This is totally me 不 you go hear me saying "nobody knows tomorrow, God fit give me multiple tomorrow" as if I dey work me wey dey do kasun kaji enterprises

    12. Typographycal errors are evident in my comments because i am mobile and typing when i can before any other thing engages me

    13. Terribly talented music even our Nigerian interbational rapper DAX noticed me. No I'm not hyping no interested in your Money you can check me out. All i need is platform

    14. And i just spent my last card on fakr friends even at the detriment of my own mother who was recently just diagnosed of stroke. So u know i totally relate. I am an only child i terribly talen

    15. I've hardly commented or liked ur posts but i follow up every single thing you post. You have one diverse talent that takes a lot of struggle and pain to reveal to the world. But today I've noticed we jave things in common. Even your cruise 不 and things u do casually during your alone time could engage thousands of people. I feel a deep connection with you Taoo. Whether you notice me or not just know i LOVE YOU beyond Human understanding. Fire on. A die hard fan is here

    16. Taaooma with the taekwondo dance steps


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