Unheard cries: A deaf mum’s story – BBC Africa

Having a baby can have a huge and sometimes unexpected effect on a parent’s mental health. But have you ever thought how it is for deaf mothers?

Catherine talks about her experiences as a new mother, her diagnosis of postpartum depression, and how she was able to work through such challenging period in her life, thanks to the support from an organisation in Nairobi, Kenya which helps deaf mothers through postpartum depression.

Produced by Anne Okumu and Anthony Irungu

Voiceover by Esther Ogola

Edited by Anne Okumu

Executive producer: Connor Boals


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    1. Wow what an awesome program! I wish these women the best!

    2. Thank God for such powerful women

    3. Where are the fathers???i didnt hear any story abt em🧐

    4. Yeah lacking hearing, sight, taste, smell, feeling, or and ability to speak is very hardened


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    7. A deaf mother’’ the title itself is heartbreaking 💔 she deserve to get helped 🤐🤐imagine her baby crying at 2:am and deaf mama can’t hear her

    8. What a wonderful story, kudos to the founder of this organization/support group. It is sad though that the fathers are not involved. why the mothers have to suffer alone??


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    10. Extremely Amazing of the Organization!!!

    11. Aww, god bless her baby and it’s good to hear her mum getting an appropriate therapeutic help and support.

    12. Wow! She is stunning!!! Excellent program.

    13. God bless the advocate!!! She is an angle!

    14. Today you people actually posted something positive👏👏

    15. Wonderful
      Thanks for sharing

    16. This was so informative and helpful. Unique content with lots of Social and community information

    17. This is so helpful

    18. We thank the advocate for helping deaf moms. I can only imagine how it feels like. Blessings, light and love towards their way🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🥰

    19. This is a very thoughtful program


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