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  • Title: VIDEO CALL
  • Author: MR MACARONI
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  • Upload Date: 2020-02-05 09:23:08
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    1. Korex go kill Daddy wa one day

    2. If you touch that dial 不不不

    3. They got you real good!!不不不

    4. 不不不…. This knocked me

    5. Mr macaroni,this one u dey freaky everybody account,hope u never embezzle our money ooo shey this money no dey finish ni?

    6. If you touch that dial
      Korex knows your weak point

    7. Hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh

    8. LMAO不不不不不不不不不

    9. Get out of my phone

    10. You are doing well

    11. Lmao 唐唐唐唐

    12. Ssssssshhttt!!! ………… Sent me your Account Number Now

    13. Ive watched this video dozens of Times and its now i actually read whats on the other guys tshirt不不不 breast Made us

    14. Mr macaroni don chop am

    15. Remove your eyeglasses, my Friend!

    16. Korexx is doing welll ooiinn

    17. Why Nigerian wasting time watching stupid skit just watch TV, Netflix simple and the will be subscribing to what

    18. U and shaggi no funny at all

    19. U never put money for women the make mouth I sent you 5k,3k send something Everytime u are doing well change topic to something like taxi driver, Mechanic, Sale boy Everytime na women I don't get u are doing well using the same line Rubbing your body mosquito bite u

    20. Mr Macaroni u no funny Send money u the win us

    21. Remember kashamadupe video he did he never learnt from it oooooin 4 him

    22. This guy Don deh win my heart. Using comedy to advertise

    23. 不不不不不不!!!

    24. This man, all the slayqueens in Lagos will have a share of his money oo

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