Wahala: Coronavirus in Sierra Leone E2 – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Sierra Leone was one of the hardest hit countries when the Ebola epidemic struck West Africa in 2014. Now it is battling the coronavirus. The first case was confirmed on the 31 of March and since then the numbers have been climbing steadily. Tyson Conteh is a filmmaker in Makeni, a city in northern Sierra Leone. He covered the Ebola outbreak for BBC Africa Eye in the documentary Standing Among The Living and now he is making a series of video diaries for BBC Africa Eye showing how his city is dealing with the coronavirus.

In the second episode Tyson looks at the tougher measures introduced by the government to try combat the spread of the coronavirus, including restricting the movement of people between districts which has had a big impact on his personal life.

Directed by Tyson Conteh and Video by Chernor Mustapha Thoronka (Justice), The Future View Media Centre in Makeni.
Produced and edited by Jerry Rothwell and Sam Liebmann, Metfilm Production.
Music produced by Purple Field Productions PFP.


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  • Title: Wahala: Coronavirus in Sierra Leone E2 – BBC Africa Eye documentary
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