Weight Gain Smoothie- No Fail Recipe – Results In Less Than A Week

Weight Gain Smoothie Recipe


Recipe Makes 2 Portions

2 Cups Whole Milk

1 Cup White Oats

1 or 2 Bananas

4 tbsp Peanut Butter

3 tbsp Honey or Maple Syrup

2 Cups Yoghurt

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    1. What's the difference between whole milk and 2 percent milk??

    2. Hope someone won't have belly

    3. If you stop taking it do you go back to been slim

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    5. In 2018, someone introduced me to a blend of Habib yoghurt, banana, chocolate bars and fura( millet) and the freshly collected cow milk.. I added over 10 pounds in two months

    6. How many times do you take it within a week?

    7. Hi…thanks so much for this. Pls I noticed the oat used is raw……can I use cooked Oat?

    8. What about those with lactose intolerance?😭

    9. A good one

    10. Am gonna try it out

    11. Thank you!!! How considerate of you to add an alternative for nut allergies! It's been really hard to find a weight gain smoothie without peanut butter or any nut at all.

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    13. Thank you so much i stumbled upon this video exactly what i was looking for

    14. I'm going to start this tomorrow 😘😘😘Thank youπŸ™

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    16. Can you use any other milk
      Like almond milk

    17. The Taste Was Unbearable Couldn’t Do It 🀒

    18. Pls the white oat is it cooked or uncooked?

    19. Can I use almond milk instead?

    20. Hopping on this soon

    21. thank you sooo much for this

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