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    1. Debo and his Dad here are The same person but Different shootings ….Debo on the right was on Green screen throughout …shout out to the video editor…the color grading was very balanced and i love the hue and emotion…it was near perfect

    2. Too many messages in one video kpk

    3. Is it what you know or who you know..that is KING.
      The only message the algorithms hate and attack is The Ministry of Jesus Christ.

    4. Mr macaroni comedy is JUST THE BEST..It always sends a useful msg across

    5. Debor was fair to government
      But Mr doing is very unfair oooo to the government o

    6. Daddy we are on strike…

    7. Waoooo, insightful. #Macaroni Just seeing this skit. '''What has Nigerian government done for you''' unless we struggle it ourselves, no government is ready to do anything for youths to benefit, they rather come up with some deceitful ideas to gain our trust and vote towards election
      And presently sev na we de pay them debt. #6 instant deduction on each bank transaction…..oga oooo. Osumi oo

    8. Mr.macaroni if you waited for government you will not be who or where you are now.

    9. That was how one idiot told me that didn't I benefit from Nysc, this country sef make I keep quiet

    10. According to this no government that has done nothing for no one even oyibo

    11. you've said it all broda, asuu strike caused a lot of havoc, u gain admission @ 20 graduate at 28, go for the nonsense clarion call, finish serving the failed nation @ 30, then started hunting for jobs, only for u to see advert requesting for young graduate within the age of 21 to 25, it took a lot of courage to start all over again achieving what u dreamt becoming.
      only the strong and focused mind get going through the storm our bad governance had styled for us in. #bigshoutouttotherealhustlers #withoutasilverspoon

    12. I discuss dis same matter wit my friends in Asia here. I check my age and am not happy wit dem at all am still struggling till now no light for over 60 years etc… Is not even easy for us to send money home again tin are tough dat why we ibn diasporia aer very angry . For dis nice script

    13. Be honest people

    14. I expected "bastard" at the end πŸ˜…

    15. Mr macaroni your skits are only not just funny but passes good messages nd informations concerning wats happening in our country Nigeria..#badgovernments ☺️..ooin you are doing well sir🀝🀝…

    16. This is Mr Macaroni. The best.

    17. Lol, we should not even be referring to anything that government does as "generosity" it is our right, its our government and we put them there . there is no government without the citizens and we demand a change for the better! The message from this video is ideal

    18. The truth is Nigerians are the Nigeria we are talking about,to me,this country can work again if we have a change of MINDSET! Else, we will continue wailing till eternity from generation to generation


    20. Well said Debo. I just realized what you are saying is true. From 9ja govt with love

    21. My advice to Nigerians now ehn, is to find their way out of there, because that country has gone too far down the path to hell.

    22. feature akpan in ur comedy nah

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