What you need to know about the Uganda-Tanzania $3.5bn oil deal – BBC Africa

Uganda and Tanzania have entered a partnership to build a 1,443km (896 mile) heated oil pipeline to pump oil from the Albertine basin in Uganda to Tanzania’s Indian Ocean port of Tanga.

What does the deal mean for both countries? Why were environmentalists against the project? And why was Kenya left out?

BBC Africa’s Peter Mwangangi explains.

Produced and edited by Leone Ouedraogo.


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    1. Kenya is seating back and watch while there brothers makes mistakes 😂😂😂😂 because Uganda doesn't want Kenya to benefit,

    2. As augandan if this was done by another government i would be so excited but this seems to be between M7 and the current president of tz but not between the 2 countries.

    3. You racists know that youtube has its own captions right?

    4. Now they is insurgency in the boder will there change Thier mind because of insecurity , what about Uganda mine refine and sell to neighbouring countries at Thier own cost carbon fuel is outdated now. Africa wake-up.

    5. nabuzemusazawanjye munyampetaD Ditiyano yaburiye uganda

    6. Don’t hope but expect this to lead to more wealth for the regions.

    7. Ugandan is paying the debt(baseveni)

    8. lye lye its only for europeans and foreghners its nothing to do with ugandan people or tanzanians

    9. East Africa : oil

      America : did I hear there’s a country that needs freedom!

    10. Thanks for dodging the real reason why Uganda choose Tanzania instead of Kenya.
      Two tigers can't leave on the same hill!

    11. Something in this deal and in the presentation is odd. Much of the oil that Uganda claim to be his, is found in Congo side. How can Uganda sign the deal of exportation while Congo so called "leaders" are absent? Now, dear Africans you understand the plan of these western multi-nationals destabilization of Congo and its control?
      the situation in Congo D.R: the human suffering trough wars, weakened state, and disorder was plotted for a longtime by Multinationals in U.S(UN), U.K, France, Belgium with people like the CLINTON'S, the Blair's, etc. Then, they sponsored a war through their Sub-contractors (Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, S.Africa<in some extant>, Angola, etc). Thus, all these have their executants (the so called rebels, Joseph Kabila, Félix Tshisekedi.) these are the one carrying out the order as planned. Do you want to know what is the plan? To do everything possible to keep Congo in a weak state so that all these groups can plunder the wealth of Congo, and if possible, to divide Congo into small weak states.

      iF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE WATCH: Crisis In The Congo Uncovering The Truth (Full Documentary)


    12. Thanks Uganda and Kampala

    13. Each and everything that is I discovered in Africa has nothing to deal-with a local African

    14. Stop yr fake news the oil is for family not Ugandans Museveni killer and Tanzania 🇹🇿,, kenya left out due to museveni corruption,and most companies pulled out google before bringing yr news Museveni has 18% China 80% the rest Tanzania who does that ,China ever where

    15. https://youtu.be/3tqL9B4rF14

    16. Kenyans are owned by Chinese&the leaders are corrupt And sellouts to the British

    17. With that much oil why not build a refinery instead of exporting crude oil?

    18. good👍luck @ Uganda🇺🇬💙🇹🇿Tanzania🌿@ EastAfrica🌿👍Love from🇸🇴Somalia🇸🇴💙🇸🇴

    19. As usual, France, Africa’s all time slave master continues its hegemonic strangle hold over ou resource rich motherland. Ironically, they always refer to Africa as poor knowing fully well without Africa they are worst than any third world country.

    20. It's all lies none of these countries will benefits,the Total oil take most of the stake, shame to African leaders.

    21. BBC news Africa, point to correct; the agreement is between museveni and tanzania not Uganda and Tanzania

    22. 10,000 jobs for Chinese

    23. It's not true that oil in Uganda was discovered in 2006. The presence of oil was a fact that was known during the colonial era.

    24. The french own the majority stakes and the Chinese is going to build the pipe. Same old story. The Africans getting nothing the leaders will get a couple of million and settle with that.

    25. Oh ! That's why Museveni is doing cross training?

    26. They're both corrupt nations tho

    27. Will the Uganda people benefit from the oil income.

    28. I hope I hope man

    29. Love that africans are making it by themselves I’m from west Africa I hope my country follows your step

    30. /.🗺🇨🇳✔( За КПР !!! ✔СССР !!!✔).

    31. I think this is dumb in how people are drying to decrease climate change yet this will cause great climate destruction. This is not the way to rise their economy. Climate change will affect africa the most they are harming themselves with this.

    32. Google Mark Blanton the real southafrica

    33. All the best for Tanzania and Uganda

    34. As with the rest of the greedy people in the world, it's all about the money. Regular people don't matter anymore.

      I don't trust Europe/France or China. Africa is and has been raped of its beautiful wildlife and resources, its beautiful people's right to a beautiful life and regular people never see the money, improvements to infrastructure or real progress.

    35. lets wait and see what happens. its the reason Museveni rigged Elections

    36. This is fake propaganda, locals will get nothing. Crude oil is cheap will never be high as it used to be in the future. They will still have to import much more expensive refined oil.
      "Total" contribution in countries in Africa is now well known, do not expect billion in the economy or anything else really. French can say thank u, u will help their economy.
      There has been so many companies just there to take resources while bringing their community there to export crude materials, never to transform there. But then these countries need to buy higher transformed goods.
      This is a slow new recolonisation of Africa we are assisting. Powers need to be able to extrat resources, hence all these silly projects which are just about natural resources. These will get them more influences, bring their citizen, new foreigner communities will be created. And one day African will realise that all these constructions related to resources, all these new high technological cities that people like Akon wanna build that are interestingly smart city will go to foreigners that will create there mini countries in African countries, beside that Africans will realise they do not own most of companies on their soil dominated by multinational, they will have foreign military bases all over the place, no home military, they will have lost their countries. A new era of colonisation will begin or the finality of neo colonialism will start and ofc the end of Africans because we will not go through this one.

    37. We hope for the best. But you might find the construction is given to the Chinese Engineers who go on to bring their fellow Chinese to do even the minor work making the local Ugandans not benefiting from the project.

    38. I expect, All the areas that pipeline will cross should at least be benefited with basic human needs and services

    39. Goodluck to the east African nations. Hope a chunk of the money will go to conservation efforts and rural communities.

    40. When they did this with Ghana they promised so much money and jobs. The locals got nothing. All the construction work was outsourced to Chinese workers.

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