What’s Nigeria’s Social Media Bill all about? – BBC Africa

Especially in light of the #EndSARS movement, a lot of politicians in Nigeria have expressed their belief in a need for social media regulation, with one man going as far as filing a lawsuit to stop Twitter from operating in the country. But what’s Nigeria’s Social Media Bill all about, and why are activists and social media users calling to #EndSocialMediaBill?

BBC Africa’s Yemisi Adegoke explains.

Video editor: Joshua Akinyemi.

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    1. 1984 is here

    2. This old people want to stop the flow of information …..Africa sucksss asss.,.,lol

    3. They don't need to silence social media, or create social media witch hunts. Instead they should hold companies accountable for not policing propaganda, conspiracies, and harmful myths. This law as written, will be used to oppress people.

    4. How can someone like who in the USA. Could ever learn about Nigeria. If it wasn't for social media

    5. I wish corruption was being fought like this!

    6. https://youtu.be/JbwrYY0ur6A

    7. Wow, another way to tsks people rights away? If that's illegal, what are we going to do to gov't people who"re selling country resources big time to foreigners?

    8. The same social media APC govt used to propagate fake news, slender, promote terrorism in the name of boko haram & lunched a massive smear campaign against the PDP administration which propelled miscreants & misfits like Buhari, Osibanjo, Lai & all sorts of terrible humans ruining this country now, since they came to power in 2015. Total rubbish

    9. It's a sign that the government is nervous. China banned Youtube and many other sites, North Korea just has no internet. Putin of Russia would love to banned much of the internet but younger Russians absolutely Love their smartphone and world communication.
      Nigeria leaders are afraid of real new like bribe paying to get your pension , not fake news.

    10. Foolish girl..whether you fools likes it or not it shall be regulated soonest..Eyin Oloshi gbogbo yi..we all knew what happened as regards the aftermath/bad omen precedent ushered in because of the useless end sars whereby now police institutions and the officers are being targeted moreover killed almost on a daily basis with a lot of spike in insecurity since then Oct last year..so many wharton destructions is going on now as of today..even to the point that the fake news, misinformation and lies is still being peddled as i type by these despicable never do well lazy so called youth organizers in the ongoing judicial investigation panel set up to compensate non existent earlier claimed dead bodies victims and their families..same hellish lies spewed in conjunction with their pay master cnn..Nonsense.

    11. The problem is education
      ..social media is just a tool.

    12. Free speech gone

    13. This is like the Net Neutrality issue.

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