When Nigerian mothers catch you fighting your sibling

Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter, Lasisi Elenu.

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  • Title: When Nigerian mothers catch you fighting your sibling
  • Author: Lasisi Elenu
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  • Upload Date: 2020-04-25 14:35:17
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    1. Please how is that knife

    2. This woman song ehn. LMAO不不不不不不

    3. My mom will say;
      Na inside house you come dey show power?

    4. Lol. That talk is more than any punishment

    5. She's the one that says that I'm thinking from my school 不不不不


    7. Mummy blood is not hungry me

    8. Thank you lasisi

    9. Shebi we were here. When did he carry knife.

    10. 不不不不不

    11. Itohan don suffer for lasisi hand.

    12. Exaggerating mom's of Africa

    13. na 2 different papa born this children abi ow one pikin go be Lasisi n another go be Itohan….ahhahhahhhhahahhahhah

    14. This reminds me of how I fight with my younger brother

    15. The funniest part is , this where all true bakcnin the day, lol!

    16. So mother and daughter are all in the same blouse. Lol

    17. Exactly 不不不不不不

    18. WHAT KIND OF FAMILY IS THIS 不不不不不不不不

    19. Na onions today 不不不不

    20. Itohan ear ring is fine ooo不不不

    21. Guys just forget it this guy is another things Kai
      Hahahaha hahahaha
      Lasisi please abeg no carry laugh kill me

    22. You want to taste blood不不

    23. Who else has missed "hello everybody lasisi is here again something just happen right now"

    24. very ugly sister n lasisi u want to taste blood. Pls I am done where for bible dem throw way liver n kidney 井

    25. This guy is just too good!!!

    26. Weeh that mamas best song: Jesus is the sweetest name I know…

    27. Lol…mothers can exaggerate things sha….you are hungry for blood

    28. this is so funny but ki lo de

    29. What kind of family is this? Mama get beards, both sister and brother carry beards…Indeed

    30. Is remote is not knife mammy lasisi you only di call knife

    31. Am telling you mommy 不不不

    32. Lasisi mama na strong Edo woman, Uwadiyi

    33. lol my moms name is Itohan and my uncles name is lasisi

    34. Hahaaa mama lasisi

    35. .. you are hungry for blood…. Please my senior sister… Lolzzzzz

    36. This man is a very talented actor

    37. Jesus is the sweetest name I know lol

    38. Funny, knife from where

    39. Wheres the knife lol…….

    40. The soundtrack is killing me

    41. since no one is gonna ask it…i'm gonna ask, why is he wearing his school uniform at home?…lmao

    42. "JeSuS iS tHe SwEeTeSt NaMe I kNoW oooo"

    43. mommy is too muchoo .

    44. Cain and Abel ….lols

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