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    1. I purchased a saree for my engagement . It costs 4500 rs. N told my mother it costs only 2000

    2. Lol I start regretting asking to take pictures because it never ends….lol

    3. Hi you are so fanny I like yours videos.made lauf

    4. Omo she's literally my Indian mommy

    5. Moms and posing ehn
      Their so bad at it
      They’ll just be making funny poses 😂😂

    6. you see that how some mom are

    7. You're so good eeeehn…chai

    8. We would lie to my grandmother because she would not wear something new. If she knew what we would spend on her, she would disown us. Smh.

    9. Like it just African parents that like has EVERY SINGLE CONTACT ON WHATS UP, AND HAS 100,000,000,000 NOTIFICATIONS AND TABS THATS OPEN ALWAYS.

    10. “The money to be destroyed in their hands.” that's what my parent says when she's been scammed. My aunt told me she bought my grandma a perfume and she asked the price, my aunt told her and got a lecture.

    11. I'm haïtian and this is so 100% related

    12. My mom literally does this ever every gift she's goven. She pissed me off the day I treated her to her first professional facial. She would NOT stop hounding me to know the price. She's not the type who's going to make the effort to get regular beauty treatments, so I know she was just asking to be nosey. 🙄

    13. Knowing how her mom can be she should have just told her reduced prices for all the items. Lol

    14. 😂😂😂

    15. As soon as you state the price, the quality of whatever you bought automatically depreciates, INSTANTLY! 😢

    16. Me always praying that my mum never asks for the price and when she does, I'm not telling lol

    17. Come carry me for 1hour self

    18. I love your comedy because they are funny I watch it every day I laughe and laugh

    19. How much?🤣……that's my mum alright.
      But what she said about buying it cheap is soo truuueeee

    20. The difference between Tao's mum and Gloria's mum is just that one slaps at the end leaving Tao's face bruised, the other says some funny prayers leaving Gloria's face full of smiles. The funny thing is that all of them show the different sides of our sweet and lovely mothers.

    21. My heart seeing this 🥺🥰❤️ You only see negative things about Africans and African parents on the media but this, this the real African family omg LOVE IT 😊 ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

    22. 😂😂😂😂👌

    23. I'm Nigerian, relatable 😂

    24. I laughed so hard till I started having tears in my eyes. This is soo my mum. I was devastated when she died of a heart attack a week to my final exams in Uni. She never lived to see me become what she always prayed I would become. I still cry when I remember her. She's my Angel.

    25. Omg😂😂😹😹

    26. I’m so disappointed in you😂😂😂😂

    27. rule of thumb, if they ask you the price just divide it by 2 and tell them 😂

    28. I love my African mama's. Nerver happy lol


    30. This is so apt 🤣

    31. 😂 I bought pizza for my mom she asked me the price and I told her she gave me the box to take it back 😂😂 that I should’ve spent 5k on it don’t I know I’m a student ? 🤧

    32. It's can't fit her she use clothes pin to hold the close

    33. "Take me picture let me post it on WhatsApp" 😂😂. This is accurate asf

    34. I never knew my mom had a twin somewhere oo😂😂😂mhennn i miss 9ja

    35. It's so beautiful seeing people from different countries relating to Maraji's videos🙌🏾

    36. Well, that escalated fast… it won't from 0 to a 100 in seconds😅😅😅

    37. I swear nah so…. Even make I buy for myself my mum go complain. #6500 my mum said is too small

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