Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter, Lasisi Elenu.

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  • Upload Date: 2021-02-27 09:10:50
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    1. Next time, tell that man that dog will bite his nyash.

    2. Hired killer不不不
      Iyawo mi, my wife不不不

      I agree with you bra Laisi. He's a highway robber.

      Wait o. Could he be the bra Segun that always torments your life?

      You're delivered from his yoke then. Drive away from him for life o. Don't ever allow him get close to your weak point again o. Before he will totori you or buy you bush fish and you fall again o. I reject it for you!

    3. "just to step it down "

    4. Useless family

    5. Lasisi please return bm wife before unknown men gun or ungun known men go visit you ooo

    6. Quit notice not "quick notice" @:3:18

    7. He dog go bite your family omo laugh want to kee me today oh

    8. His anger is beyond anger management class. Absolutely hilarious!
      "Your landlord will give you quick notice! Dog will bite your children." 不

    9. Egg roll 不不不

    10. "Dog will bite your child!"….hahahaa…bad man

    11. Oga, dog will bite your child ahhh

    12. "Your wife will leave you" This one kill me

    13. Two crazy people

    14. You go come down from the car immediately

    15. Wahala be chilling on egg roll and zobo

    16. Please am missing mama and papa God's power

    17. Oga Oga, dog will bite your child 不不不不

    18. Oga! Orga!! Dog will bite your child 不不不

    19. 丹dog will bite your whole family 不不

    20. 不不不不不不不不

    21. 不不不不

    22. But who be this BM?

    23. Lasisi is even too nice to BM, I can't wait that long

    24. Stingy BM bought for himself alone why lasisi no go vex 不

    25. Fianc矇e's sister out of stock

    26. guy this lasisi is THE GOAT legend in every aspect of comedy

    27. Your wife will leave you
      That part got me

    28. "Dog will bite your child!" 唐

    29. I just finished watching this on MC lively page

    30. How does wicked face loo for God sakes. Say your wife will leave you不

    31. The talent in these guys ehn…na wa. Lasisi and epe….chaii….which one is Landlord will give Quit Notice now?? What if he owns the house??? Chaii..

      Kudos. Solid content.

    32. Baba talk out of stock

    33. I guess BM is the bro segun u have been talking about. That guy is a pain in the ass不

    34. Lasisi say "your wife will leave you" crazy fellow 不不不

    35. "Oga, dog will bite your child"

    36. Oga dog will bite your child.. Dog will bite your whole family.不不不不

    37. Dog will bite your child, Ahh

    38. https://youtu.be/HfiOiIQFSHA

    39. 弘 the "Bianulu" soundtrack.

    40. Y u no nak am?

    41. Dog will bite your child,dog will bite your whole family.
      儭 LASIS kee me ohh

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