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    1. Tao please i need that background generics

    2. U will drink garri tiil thy kingdom come ha

    3. Congratulations Tao for less slap episode 弘弘弘弘

    4. If u precgnet any stupid pregnancy

    5. It's the shifting of pant for me不不

    6. Tao ur mom did not slap u today ooo

    7. So mother and child can dialogue peacefully without A BIG SLAP. This is a good change.

    8. No slap for Tao today ooo.. 丰丰丰

    9. D embarrassment pass insult, as her call is on hold, iya tao is intentional

    10. Pant shifters不不不

      So tao said "mommy you are disturbing us" and we didn't hear paaa尹God has touched a heart

    11. Which means the young shall grow!! Tao is now grown can talk to mummy like bestie

    12. At least you no chop slap today

    13. This is so my Mom…… "Did you use to baff? "

    14. For once there was a nice conversation,eii no slap

    15. For once there was a nice conversation,eii no slap

    16. I was expecting the 'slap' o

    17. There's this guy I know,if he takes his bath and he hear's his appointment has been cancelled he would exclaim and say "oh I don waste this bath now". (E no easy to comment this kin comment o so react to it!)

    18. I am AYOBAMI ooo Iya Tao

    19. pls don't pregnant any pregnancy ooh

    20. Tao no longer receive slap.
      Means there is still hope for nigerians

    21. Tao, u self for don cut the call now

      See embarazing something… No slap o but this one self….

    22. Biko, Na only me see say @Taoo no receive slap? Abi I de high ni?

    23. She no slap you today

    24. tao na mumu… why she no cut the call

    25. https://youtu.be/ps4RTNmTDi8

    26. Haaaa
      No slap
      There's hope oooo不不

    27. Don't pregnant any stupid pregnancy.

    28. Taoooo, ahhh, olooorun

    29. U will receive slap now

    30. This is my mummy

    31. Tao don get mind o! See how she dey talk to her mother

    32. Tao, just give me your new soap now….it's no argument that you escaped slap cos of ….you know nau

      Love from hia

    33. https://youtu.be/2Sfrzbtck0U

    34. "If you pregnant any stupid pregnant!"


    35. This is my mum I swear

    36. This is so my mother 不不不不不

    37. Wait slap no enter Tao face

    38. Hahaha nice video

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