Why are schools under attack in Nigeria? – BBC Africa

Since 2014, schoolchildren have been the object of attacks and mass kidnappings in Nigeria.

Insurgents who are against western education have regularly targeted schools in the northeast of the country, burning them to the ground.

But in recent months, a separate part of the country is seeing unprecedented mass school abductions that have left at least one student dead.

There are fears that more attacks are already in the works.

So why is this happening? And who is responsible? Shola Lawal explains.

Produced by Shola Lawal
Edited by Anthony Irungu
Executive producer: Leyla Najafli


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    1. The handiwork of Britain. Install Normadic Fulani and wonder why people are bombed, raped and executed. 20 Christian girls were beheaded yesterday. Primary school was bombed today. What more evil do you all sorrow suckers want before you disintegrate this contraption.

    2. The religion of peace back at it again

    3. If Islam is such a great religion, why do they have to force people to convert to it and why are people threatened with death if they choose to leave?

    4. El Rufai in an interview with channels tv admitted to "importing and paying these terrorist" all for political reasons. These terrorists' aim is to end all form of education amongst other agenda. As recent as June 10/2021, the presidential helicopter was caught on camera in ondo Forest dropping supplies and Herdsmen. The politicians are the major commanders and funders of terrorism in Nigeria.
      You do the maths

    5. But this does not really tell us who did …take the girls. You hint and twist around but there is NOTHING new here. Nothing

    6. i don't see how committing gender genocide and suppressing your own people help you as a nation,education is the key to lifting people out of poverty instead of burning down schools they should be building more and helping to fund these schools so that every child can participate but no doubt human trafficking is still a major problem in Nigeria too and you can't negotiate with people who have no regards for another human beings life,they are just bargaining chips to them .

    7. So much evil in the world we live in today and i can understand the feelings these parents must have, we are in America where you would think it would be much safer but actually it's not, we are now having mass shootings in our schools and churches and it's the leaders we elect that we are looking for to protect it's people but it doesn't seem to be on their list of priorities.i've gotten to the point where i realize that only God can save us

    8. Simple terrorist, terrorist sympathies (Northerners) and braindead sociopaths (politicians).

    9. Y can't the government place military guards around the school 24 7

    10. They say peaceful religion…

    11. Your country UK caused all this. You the UK created this country. You know what to do.

    12. But to what end is this menace by this ruthless entities? Why the kidnap and what's the essence of a peace treaty with them(bandits)? Was this the change we were promised? What then is the way forward? God help us all? Nigeria go better some day.

    13. Its just so sad but from the look of things, its the northern part of nigeria, i wonder why that is so.

    14. Look at these fool. Dem say they want an Islamic state abi. Well here it is. Why are people complaining?

    15. 200, then 133, then 279, now 39 children just a few days ago. There's no calm be the storm. It's already here

    16. You are failing to mention attacks on schools right here inn the UK…attacks on people..hypocrites!!

    17. I feel sorry for the parents of this children how can I sleep when I don't know my child where about God have mercy on us

    18. They give away millions in ransom but cant pay for more security?.?

    19. Why are schools under attack in NORTHERN Nigeria????

    20. BBC pls how can i concact u guys, I'm in Nigeria.

    21. Southern Nigeria should better separate from this evil northern Nigeria tarnishing our image

    22. Sometimes I wonder what southern Nigerian could’ve been if we weren’t tied to the impoverished North. People that don’t even want to embrace proper education and still function under sharia law, a lot of people in the North still can’t even communicate in English, our official language. What a pity, and now we have incompetent leaders ruling arguably one of the most diverse countries in the world, it’s truly a miracle nigeria hasn’t crumbled apart, it is only oil that is holding this nation together.

    23. Not just Nigeria, specifically Northern Nigeria.

    24. This is only happening in the north abeg not the whole of Nigeria

    25. The questions is for the incompetent Nigerian govt.

    26. How the bloody hell does this happen in daylight.. sounds like an inside job !

    27. Thanks for uploading 👍

    28. when are you going to talk about how France is sponsoring boko haram?

    29. Nigeria has one of the most useless governments in the world

    30. The northern sultans & emirs, governors, military personal, thugs, imams & Islamic religious groups & criminals are directly responsible for this kidnapping. It is quick money & good business since the rise of Boko Haram back in early 2000s. As long as money is flowing to these groups & no one is interfering with them, this problem will forever continue. It is good for politics & their Islamic backward agendas. Period

    31. Just how big is northern Nigeria that armed forces with vehicles and personel can abuct hundreds of children and 'disappear' on a dime. Why doesn't the government build an army base there?

    32. trump was right when he said shit hole countries.

    33. Religion is the worst thing that ever happened

    34. Poverty isn't a accident, is a project .
      Some people insist in accept it as an absolut unavoidable part of the system… And then its becomes a project. I look to this nation, poor, with militar elites and predatory politicians, from their eyes I took an absence that says: we expected it.
      And its cultural. It arrives from a lack of empathy, monstrous hedonism and narcissism that insists in see others as tools. Nigeria as a muslim countrie, still accepts children marriages and kids being associated with sex, completely objectification of the feminine body as a toy to serve mens on their search for autoritarism and fragil sick egos. This isn't even tradition, is just perpetuated violence dressed with excuses. Needs to stop no matter what a "holy" book has to say about.

    35. You would think by now they would have arm guards with machine guns protecting the schools, this is fucked up,corruption abduction

    36. Islam and Christianity put together are a great curse to the African child

    37. Human sex trafficking .

    38. ask Ellen and Michele Obama where the girls are?

    39. Weird how comments get deleted about The Religion of Peace on this thread….

    40. It be them Fulani folk, big contributors of the slave trade too. They been on some bullshit since ancient times

    41. Why sign peace treaties with bandits instead of arresting them?

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