Why are young Tunisians protesting? BBC Africa

Life-changing events that re-write the rules rarely come with instruction manuals. When Tunisians overthrew the autocratic President Ben Ali in 2011, their core demands seemed to be simple – Jobs, Freedom, and Dignity. But over the years, the ‘simple’ got complicated.

Ten years on, Tunisia’s democratic change has fallen short of mending economic and social inequalities, bringing thousands out onto the streets almost annually to demand change.

In this short film, the BBC’s North Africa correspondent, Rana Jawad, examines the underlying struggles beyond the people’s core demands, as young Tunisians strive to live in and shape the post-revolution dream.

00:00 – Why are so many Tunisians protesting?
01:09 – A bit of background
02:38 – Act I: Growing up in a new democracy
04:52 – Act II: The economic crisis
08:16 – Act III: Where is Tunisia now?

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    1. Blame the French government and CORRUPT UN 🙄

    2. I hope ben ali comesback…

    3. The problem is the country is still ruled by classic old minds. They are still not letting young people to take over. In Tunisia now, we are still living in 1990s. I also blame the people on the other hand, cause they are thinking in an old way as well, they think that progress is in the prices of vegetables and bread, and they are fooled by politicians who are promising them for cheaper prices. And who's the victim in all this? The young ambitious people…

    4. these hippies don't represent the youth of tunisia i couldn't get passed 3 mins of this video, yes it sucks but couldn't find better spokesmen for the tunisian ppl

    5. Fuck Communism and Liberal Democracy

    6. In 2022, are there any Tunisians who feel they were better off under Ben Ali?

    7. Tunisia needs to become an export hub. Wages are low and they are close to Europe which can help them in trade.

    8. Because of the paralysed "democracy " and the paralysed "Arab winter" and the corrupted gouvernements and politicians , I wish dictatorship will be established again eternally!

    9. I'm sorry, I just don't hear people who do art.

    10. The protest at 25/24 july, it has occured all of the world. And it has the same agenda, protesting against covid restriction and coup the government. It happened in my country too. What happen all over the world right now?are we at the age of war already?

      Because it seems like every government always take the wrong step and ended in their people rage

    11. A group of cops beat up a 15 yo removed his clothes and left him on the street
      A cop just shot his wife to death after she went to the police to complain about him beating her and of course they ignored her because her husband is an officer
      Another cop just tortured and killed his wife in front of her kids because he found out she was not straight
      Police officers are abusing their power and raping stealing and beating up people because they know everyone is on their side, as a young tunisian im scared for my life but i will never give up on my freedom, thank you for letting the world know what disgusting things are happening here, we desperately need help

    12. ? What power has Macron and John Kerry over This country . They are Rothchilds . And FREE MASONS. it's all a dirty game for power over humanity . They have their meeting over in Tunisia

    13. Good video BBC

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    15. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸#free Palestine and #Israel is a terrorist who kills children, where is the rights of children

    16. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸#free Palestine and #Israel is a terrorist who kills children, where is the rights of children

    17. I am a Muslim girl from Indonesia who feels sad to see a Muslim country in attack

    18. Yet The Super Interstate Highway Systems Will Let The Global World Know Anytime Solution Is Reality *

    19. If Mauritania,Mali,Niger,Chad and Sudan ! Became The CAPITOL OF AFRICA ! Asian Planning Of A REAL ONE BELT SUPERHIGHWAY SYSTEM Coastline To Coastline ! Creating A Entire New Continental Civilization, Industrial, Recycling, Agriculture, Energy ,And Education Zone With The Vote Of THE BANK OF INDIA and Agreement Of Resettlement Of INDIA people repopulating north africa ! Basically From Mid Land Morocco in Algeria to mid Libya Ending Egypt ! Or Just Building West Alexandria City On The Borderlands Of Libya For INDIA people Resettlement Return To Egypt Would Be Ideal ! Hold On To The CAPITOL Ideal Because Of The Two Americas and All The Islanders ! Fix Ain't Broke Don't Fix ! Because I That Only Place Perfect For A Anytime Solution *

    20. Fight for your freedom through words exposed them

    21. Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and going higher financially

    22. this generations needs things on silver plate , they should stop watching a lot of conspiracy theory and come out of their comfort zones and support their government . there is no government without citizen support . rioting and protesting in the streets is not remedy to their problems but rather diligence and hard work is .

    23. You talked to people who knew how to channel their anxiety and fear and ignorance into logical questioning and truth digging. You should see the others who are lost, some have given up to the waves of the sea and some are living dead, others are trying to understand what they want but I do want to say that the media here is so corrupt and bought and sold that people are misguided and illusioned. As for myself I know that there is no hope for now and working to get my descendants to live a better life, it's gone for me and many others.

    24. Good for them. Now tell them to stay there and fight for their freedom.

    25. Stay strong. Better days are coming. 💚💛

    26. Islam turning one after another country into hell since 6th century.

    27. Those young people just want papers to enter europe, give it to them they will forget all this blabla, please don't use some economic and political difficulties to show a distorted image for some other interests, the whole world know about UK😏 .

    28. Why choosing empty people ?

    29. The government doesn't want to rely on professional councils, to oversee the development of many industrial sectors.
      The government wants to have the monopoly to provide permits to the people that he likes.
      Tunisia needs to increase the number of professional councils to cover all the industrial and all the economic sectors.

    30. The main problem in Tunisia is not about democracy. I agree that democracy is part of it, but the main problem is that the government has no plan to involve people in the development of Tunisia.
      The government relies a lot on foreign investors to develop the industry and the economy of the country, and he is imposing obstacles on tunisians to not be part of that process.

    31. hardship keeps people asking about necessities making sure they can't afford to ask the real questions, when you're starving you beg and yell for food you don't ask why is there no food where there should be you're too busy starving to realize thats even the case, this is by design.

    32. Don't give up Tunisia

    33. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=csIW4W_DYX4

    34. Don’t give up tunusian peaople insha allaah one day tunisian is back freedom and life

    35. The country needs industrialization, just like any other, to bring jobs and proper social nets

    36. The country is too small and too over populated to succeed, they need mass reforms, I cant believe that that tiny country has 11 Million people.

    37. Great work Rana, all the best 😊

    38. Get rid of the socialist economic system.
      Cut ties with francophony and leftist economical theories.
      Liberate the economy and support exports.
      And finally
      Ask the USA to bomb the UGTT building.. The communist main center in north africa

    39. Sad truth indeed… joblessness, poverty, hopelessness is what every young Africans are going through… Covid-19 has just cut a deeper wound

    40. Yeaay Rana ✨🙏❤️

    41. So fucking sad what is happening here

    42. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    43. Audubillah !! What’s going on ? 🤦‍♀️

    44. Check out Paul Biya in Cameroon.A totally lost generation in a once beautiful country, thanks to his evil regime.

    45. Yet the black native of the land get abused everywhere in Tunisia racism in Northern African it's unbelievable.

    46. guess am early

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