‘Why I’m breastfeeding my niece and my daughter’ – BBC Africa

Asha Aboubakar took in and began to breastfeed her sister’s baby when her sister passed away shortly after giving birth. By that time she was already looking after her own 18-month-old daughter.


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    1. And so many western women won’t even feed their own children…

    2. Omg they are so adorable. She’s doing something incredible!

    3. I am my sisters keeper

    4. If Africa doesn't do something about overpopulation that is already causing lack of food and water i guess misery for children of Africa will be even worse… How is it so hard to learn from Chinese, or Europeans, or Americans or even Arabs (they have 2-3 kids now and are very balanced and are increasing prosperity) is beyond me…

    5. Bless her Love and May God 🙏 them All Amen,,,,

    6. Hi. Minute to Christ. We are living in days of anguish, famines, wars, pain, mourning in many places. The earth presents the signs of the shaking that show the approach of Jesus' return. Humanity has turned away from God and his holy teachings with bitter consequences. But even amidst all this chaos, God graciously offers us a way of forgiveness, mercy, and refuge in His immeasurable love, through the blood shed by Jesus Christ. He says; "Though your sins be scarlet, I will make you white. If you believe and will, I will give you my goodness on earth. Iz1". Believe in Jesus. Call on Jesus and you will be saved. You are loved by God. Pray. Always read the bible. Greetings from Brazil.🌺🌻🌼🌸🌹🏵🌷🙏

    7. Beautiful 😍😍

    8. If you are a mother, an expectant mother or a potential mother, may God bless you for your labour of love.

      The little peace we enjoy in this world is because of women. God bless you all

    9. Putting hijabs on children is child abuse.

    10. Wow
      She is a mother and no one can take away that from her 😍
      May Allah provide for her

    11. Human milk is not different from any other animal. Milk is a natural thing and has nothing but nutrients just like all other milk. I was breastfed by my grandma after my mother's dried out and can not be revived. I don't know how they managed it for her to start producing milk after a long time after she had ended the child production. It's not a bad thing to help a soul

    12. Who’s is translating this ??

    13. My mom would breastfeed my paternal aunt's child


    15. Absolutely, beautiful.

    16. This is love.

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