You Married Another Man Because Of Money

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  • About Video
  • Title: You Married Another Man Because Of Money
  • Author: IAMNASBOI TV
  • Views: 20244
  • Likes: 997
  • Length: 00:03:01
  • Upload Date: 2022-01-10 19:27:44
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    1. Something wey bad for reach you🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Why did i watch this… it got me tearing up

    3. Who noticed that Nasboi don’t even tryna be funny in his videos & u still end up laughing

    4. Nasboi, na nollywood b dx o!🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    5. No one is talking about the clickbait title?

    6. I just day laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all through MC Olympia u are progressing… Big upπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    7. Guy please work on your creativity, repeating skits, just polishing them with new faces. Am a big fan. I know you can do better Boss

    8. Na comedy ohh, make una no come dey reason otherwise

    9. I always remember πŸ₯Ί

    10. I'm here for the boobs.

    11. Lossing your true love is like having an open wound that never heals. You just deal and move on with life.

    12. Just and still trying to heal from this, after 5 years of heaven on earth. it is never easy and would never be easy letting go of someone you have come to love all of 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

    13. This is like a movie!!πŸ₯Ί
      Omo Baba you dey creative I swear

    14. Best skit maker ever, if SKIT had awards you will be a regular winner back to back.

    15. This is good acting.

    16. I was actually scared for the guy behind Nasboi because of the way he was swinging the cutlass.

    17. I wish this love still exist🀣🀣

    18. I can't bliv I was almost crying

    19. Nasboy get mind make grown ass like me tear up

    20. whoever edited this needs to be fired

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