Shirin turns down general’s request, payed a visit to console him when the unexpected happened.

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    1. Omo wtf is this. Shooting him for what??? Make that guy no come outside ooo. We go forget sey na acting be this 😂

    2. Oh jeez…I'm crying

    3. This part made me cry on bed seriously, de General I love u so much sir# believe

    4. Edoboi Billions some love from Brazil ….bigups Degeneral ……show some love

    5. Mhern ,I cried. Much love from Ghana

    6. @Edoboy dey find money ND @DeGeneral dey fall in love.

    7. De general you are the best

    8. I love this movie

    9. wish I had appetite like AGK

    10. Omo thank God I discovered this
      It’s been all fun y’all 💕

    11. I really love edo boy his funny but caring

    12. I like this movie eish you will make my heart beat

    13. 😭😭😭😭 dis one make me cry

    14. In every family there is that one brother who loves food like he never ate 😂😂🤣❤🤞real husling movie keep going seniors

    15. hello general, I really love your series, for my part it is the best, moreover could I have the title of the song or the accompanying music of this film? please that would make me very happy

    16. OMG…… I wish love was like this

    17. You don make bad boy fall in love

    18. I almost cry

    19. Edoboy true definition of brother

      I enjoy dis one 💯🤟

    20. Shirin gimme ur contacts

    21. So good 💕❤️💯🌈

    22. ⭐️⭐️

    23. That's a typical Nigerian police, shooting without proper investigation

    24. That is how I love it is 😍

    25. She's in love already and can't believe if it's real 🤩, EdoBoy Billions is a real brother 🩸, De General is down 😕😔

    26. She's in love already and can't believe if it's real 🤩

    27. I cried after watching these episode

    28. That is Nigeria police for you, shooting and killing at will… They are trying to expose our evil security system. Kudos General 👍.

      God save all innocent citizens of this country

    29. I really like this love story, De General pls help me, I have a little piece I will like to bring to light, I need an assistant, I need your assistance 🙏🙏

    30. More life bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️💰💰👑👑👑

    31. Who else notice that policeman who shot De general resembles Mark Angel a lot😚🙄☺

    32. Massive but he shouldn't have run.

    33. Correct

    34. I'll forever hate Shirin dad

    35. I just turn Edoboy billions tight fan now

      He’s got his niggas back 🙂🙂🌈

    36. No…

      Did they just shot him?

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