Zaaddies about to die globally

Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter, Lasisi Elenu.

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  • Title: Zaaddies about to die globally
  • Author: Lasisi Elenu
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  • Upload Date: 2020-04-13 08:25:49
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    1. It's the Nike say something for me to replace her voice for me

    2. I want to wash your toilet不不不不

    3. Zaaddy is killing me, is there any nickel for me here 不不

    4. Lasisi, some big man will make his guys pick u up one of this days oo. And u wont me found again.. stop this nonsense! Nika can u hear me, lol

    5. My ear my iyaaah

    6. 不不不不不不不不

    7. Ahhh. I normally don't comment on videos. But abeg give it to Lasisi. He is pure TALENT. That ending got me like. Awwww云云云云. Lasisi Twale

    8. Any time I even see his face omg I can't stop laughing egusin soup and brokortor

    9. Isharaaaaa ishoroooooo

    10. pls do more Zaddy videos…….so funny

    11. "She wants to kill me with egusi soup and brokohtoh" @0:55
      My eyes are watering

    12. Her voice like a man's voice 不

    13. You crazy man 云 不

    14. Ishara….. Ishoro!!!! Lwkmd

    15. 不不不不不不

      I cannot with you

    16. 不不不 Lasisi ooo!!!

    17. Chai! Poor Nike! Hahahaha!

    18. Nike can you hear me!!!!????? I missed Zaddy oooo

    19. 不不不不 Lasisi, you're a whole fool!

    20. Niki baby,nikilo Nike I have missed your voice ,am watching Donald Trump am seeing you bro lasisi will not kill me

    21. " Her voice is like an armed robber's voice ""不不不不

    22. Lasisie is the best jor,I cant wait to see him when visit Nigeria

    23. Drop a comment if you feel that this Snapchat app was made for Lasisi. Hahahaha
      Seeing him real life looks strange

    24. Wawu. I always luv Nike nd zaddy

    25. What did you say you'll do to my ear ?

    26. Nikke my wife is calling me… Look at her voice like a man's voice

    27. I'm watching Donald Trump… I'm still seeing you off me

    28. shara shoro ko, shoro shara ni….. You will fall inside nike konga daddy bolaji

    29. Nike don suffer zaddy ooo

    30. 不不
      Good for Zaddy, let him stay home with his wife that sounds like a man.

    31. Lasisi if only you know that i love you and i am your no1 fan.

    32. Her voice is even that of armed robber!!!. Oboy no kill me with laff. One love from California!

    33. This mysterious lady might kill Zaddy before covid-19 gets to him. Lol. Great content Sir

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