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    1. my guy 不不不不不不不不不

    2. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    3. Funny scenario in my neighbourhood, the old man can't even run, I don laugh tire…. 不不

    4. Settle baba na

    5. Next time, don't shoot films under a transmission line. It's very risky. All the best

    6. This guy don Zeh

    7. Trinity must be going with ambulance anytime his going for skit, anything can happened.. most of his victims are always fear… very funny guy..

    8. Your prank is too expensive

    9. So funny e gba mi o but you should have find something for the man because igo eje kan ti kuro lara ogbeni yi e sun mo mi o

    10. 不不不不不 ilu awon OZU…. Legbe ilu yinka ayefele

    11. Omo dis one don zeh

    12. So funny

      But it could have been better if you bless those old people u are pranking at d end of the prank..

      Nothing is too small ooo..

      Imagine the stress, fear and embarrassment…

      You are good though

    13. Baba say Izeh不不不不

    14. What really got me amazed was the part that Baba was speedily saying Zazu after him and also refused to run when the guy said he will shoot baba from back.

    15. I can't stop laughing

    16. Lol… Trinity have some fear nah

    17. This man no dey vex ooo Loving dad

    18. You sure say you go make heaven so?

    19. Trinity…mapa mi now…zazu

    20. 不不不不不. Zeh don cause wahala不不不

    21. Baba said, Nibiti won ti mbo kadi, 不不不不that part got me.不不

    22. This trinity guy has learnt lessons in a very bitter way, now he makes prank videos only in his neighbourhood, Im sure he might have been beaten mercilessly trying to prank people in other areas where his security is not assured hence he resorted in doing his prank only in his neighbourhood, the disadvantage of it is that in a very short time everybody in his neighbourhood would know him as a prankster and it will be very difficult to get someone to prank

    23. Oh my God I laughed all through this video

    24. Egbon, abeg this thing dey emotional , the way the man dey beg 唐

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